don't be surprised by the fact that i am finally back. the last week and a half have been absolutely crazy times at ridgemont high so to speak. last week i needed to improve my work production and i didn't want to spend a whole lot of time on the www. the work has been really stressful and discouraging for me lately. i have not felt that great about the atmosphere but i also don't think i've been as motivated. i know that in the last three years i've gone through these sort of phases of unmotivation at work but for some reason the conflict seems insurmountable. the 45Revolver got into knoxville on saturday on we decided to go to K.F.A.R. from there which is Knoxville's First amendment Radio Station. He played a set on air that just blew everyone away. The party was outside around a large bonfire and Ratchet made some homebrew for all of us to drink. Sunday he played the sunday morning reggea set and then we took off to come back down to chattanooga for ROOFLESS. ROOFLESS went off with much of a hitch other than not being able to get into the Local until 9pm which was the needledrop. Monday we all went to a Lookout's game, then all the kids came back to my apartment. I had so much fun with everyone. the 45 was so hilarious at the game. we have talked about going to a baseball game together sense we got together but we got together in december when the baseball season was off. yesterday, which was tuesday we just played fussball and went to the choochoo for breakfast and then we took pizza to the parentals house. my mom and the 45 are so similar. they get along so well, it's just incredible for me to watch my mom respond to someone like she responds to him. they just talk and talk and it makes me know that my mom and dad really like him, not just a little, but a whole bunch. tonight, after work, we're going over to aaron and laurie's house for dinner. i'm looking forward to spending the rest of the week with the 45 before he goes back to honolulu. i know that so many people have been praying for me and the 45 while he was visiting. i have felt those prayers. continue to pray for us both.

i'll be keeping everyone updated in the nearer future.


katieK said...

Hey Cat thanks for the update. I remembered Jasons visit while on a bike ride through the woods. I hollered back at Joel, "Hey Jason's in town!"

And hey I gots a bun in the oven. 2 1/2 weeks.

MATTB said...

you should really get rid of this BULLSHIT...PRAISE THE LORD....PRAISE JESUS...and all that other BULLSHIT

MATTB said...

maybe that was a little uncalled for but i'm mad...i should not have even came to your stupid blog..