away from home

i miss being at home at the grand. i have been away from my apartment sense friday afternoon when i left to go to atlanta. when i came back from atlanta on sunday i stopped in at the apartment to repack my bags and head out to the parentals house. my mom and dad asked me to stay at their home with smoore while they were spending their thirtieth wedding anniversary at a boyd mountain b&b. they will be back this afternoon, if they aren't already back by now. in this day and time it is amazing that i have parents that are still married after thirty years. they were married when they were nineteen and met when they were fourteen. my mom and dad have known eachother for over half their lives. they spent the time away evaluating the positive, negative, loses, victories of the past years and looking towards the future in the same way. planning for the next ten years is what my mom said. my parents are incredible individuals. it is unsettling a bit to be an adult child of theirs because they have grown to be so open and transparent. they have admitted their mistakes from the past and have asked forgiveness and moved forward in service and love. i have had a difficult unwarrented mistrust of my parents love. most of that negativity in me has been washed away. my parents have worked hard searching their hearts for answers when i have reacted in mistrust and rebellion. i know deeply that my mom and dad love me. their faith has bridged the gap in our relationship. i am still learning. i am thankful for the time they've gotten to have in boyd mountain. it is important for them to get a break from life. but i will be really glad when they get home today. there is a bad accident on seventy five south near the cloud springs exit. lifeforce had to be called in to take out the injured.

friday evening my brothers, ethan and aaron and my sisters mary and laurie and suzanne are going to help my parents celebrate their marriage we have a really nice evening planned. it should be the highlight of my week.

i have gotten some great ideas about my next projects. i've got two new canvas that i'll be painting and i am just applying some of the things i saw at the art fest to the images i already have in my brain. tonight i should have some time to do a little tinkering with the paper, paint, sissors and glue.

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katieK said...

oh I'm happy you took in much from the art fest! it was full of some inspiring things wasn't it? Can't wait to see new work of yours.

And I don't know why I feel compelled to say this but, don't give away any more art! Make people pay for it!
There's my soapbox, bye bye