hear no boo

awh, today would be just another day, if it weren't boo halloween. i'm not the celebratory type, but the workforce pushes the enevelope. so i'm here as a soccer player. there are hippies, a nun, and genie too. the excuse is that the "patients" like the costumes. i'm not so sure. i look like a little kid getting ready to go play a game. how can i be taken seriously here. i have a hard enough time. carla dressed up like a trucker, i'd say she wins the prize for most disguised. i always threaten to be invisible on halloween. there are quizzical stares and wonderings and then a lightbulb allows my coworkers to understand my statement. they just think that i'm weird because i don't want to dress up for halloween. it's not a holiday and i'm not so sure i know in my heart what scares me more. the adult desire to revert or the mountains of peanutbutter balls, chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes, and chips/dips. i'll be a rolly polly soccer ball next year that i can guarantee. for me it's an excuse to wear my hair in pigtails. i also didn't have to do a lick of laundry last night inorder to wear clothing to work today.

i'm going to a little fall festival with my aunt c. tonight. then i might just hang out at home and watch joan of arcadia. there's no telling the evening shall be a mystery. tomorrow and the rest of the weekend i have no plans. i should finish the painting of the bicycle and plan for the next couple of weeks. i've got to get down to atlanta to take a picture of kate's display tent. oooooh brother. i don't have much time. and the financial aspect is going to hinder me if i'm not careful. one thing i know for sure is that as soon as i get the oppurtunity things will take off. i just need to be given a chance.

there's a project going on over here. i saw this picture of the doll dressed in a bee costume and thought that it would make a good project theme. but you know there are a few crafty girls out there already doing scarey dolls. yikezers!!! i do think what they create is absolutely wunderbar though. i'm thankful for the different inspiration. way to go!

i really like the colors in the boo halloween poster too. do you guys remember robert indiana? he is the artist who created love. it is now all over the world, but he's got quite a gaggle of other nice work. what happened to beautiful billboards and signs?
. i'd like to work on some signage someday. what would your signs say?

well i'm sure i have expired my welcome. this weekend should be the fruition of an idea i've had for sometime now. i'll keep you all informed.
have boobug halloween. yuck...


45Revolver said...

hey babeuh! I miss you so damn much, its really starting to hurt.


Beta Fish said...

HEY!!! I am so sad that you aren't having a great week. I really wish that you were coming...I promise that I would cheer you up :-) Anyway, I'll send good thoughts your way tonight if you don't feel like making the drive down here. Maybe we could go out to eat sometime soon?? Just gimme a call whenever you wanna hang out. I am single now, so I'm free almost all the time!

Bye Bye

jiri said...
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121774 said...
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