i spoke with my mom last night about all of my project(ed) ideas. the key shall be the sewing machine though. she thought it might be a good birthday gift. i would definitely like that. but i've been wanting to make a book and music list for my birthday list. who knows what's really going to happen. i spend a good amount of time each day looking at my favorite blogs. there's always someone off to the fabric store buying this, that or the other vintage fabric, thrift store t-shirts, yarn, felt, wool, buttons, et cetera. it could all become very overwhelming i suppose, but generally it all makes my world turn just a little bit smoother. i sit at work in the more free moments of the day pondering a life with activities outside of having a nine to five, monday through friday. i have the 45 but he lives so far away that my evenings are spent mostly at home in my apartment alone. that's not a bad thing at all. it leaves plenty of time for sampling my ideas.

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