trouble in the suez

as much as i would like to beable to i cannot say that i am having a terrific day. my day started nicely with a hot cup of bad ass coffee. and a bowl of oatmeal raisin crisp. the 45 called me on his way home from the club he was playing at last night. it was a pleasant coversation as he was getting lost in chinatown and going through minature lakes. i was just a tiny bit late for work and began what i thought might be an enjoyable workday experience. without going into much detail i had a patient that was upset and rude and i broke down a little bit. i really like the job that i have. i like the detail and the fact that it's such a real life kind of job that any flakyness that i might carry around as an artist balances out in my personality and character. i have a difficult time facing the fact that the healthcare system is in a crisis. the course of work here constantly changes too.

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