i believe i've been overwhelmed in the last week. many thoughts and ideas, emotions, plans and have-tos caught up with me. so my week was spent facing the facts, towing the line, tying up lose ends and finally calling in sick on monday morning. i'd like to make a suggestion to those of you still suffering the aches and pains of campaign 2004. find yourself neatly reading this. it may give a line of hope, like a line of coke.

on friday night i went to see alfie. it was not a very good film at all. i was not impressed, instead i was very disappointed. we all were disappointed. it wasn't so much jude law as the content, the constant narrative, the female crackups. poor music choices too. but the nicer things about the film were the clip edits and color combinations. there were also these little interesting things going on with words in the background of the scene. large words like search or pursue on billboards and bus-stop benches. i didn't feel like the words were very symbolic, more like over simplified suggestions or analytical archs already swaying. the movie wasn't sad or really that thought provoking. just a little there.

before the film we were invited to the TVA control room. it was like no other experience i've ever had. i was inspired by the beauty and modernity of the room itself. it was clean and sterile and reminscent of nasa's control room. not that i've been invited to nasa. a very kind man decided he'd tell us everything and so we stood eyes wide, mouths agape, listening to the in and outs. i asked him about the new york blackouts, 9/11, and raccoon mountain. i ask about how cost was dictated and the history of technology. it was so wonderful catch a glimpse of something that in itself may seem simple, but at closer inspection blows the minds eye. i would love to beable to replicate what i saw in some creative way. light has consistently intrigued me and i'm inspired by any sort.

saturday i went to atlanta to take my...

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julie said...

...Cat?? I couldn't really tell from the picture yesterday...no, you were right, you do - or at least did - know me - assuming you're my ol' roomate...!