pretty boy floyd

who can it be knockin' at my door? one end to fill the void. i know it takes an effort to be clean. last night i set up the week. so tonight i'm having six ap art students come over so that they can see what i've been making. a bird's eye view. luckily i got a telephone call from ron at framewrights. my art, all of five pieces are now framed. i had it all framed exactly the same way, formality or consistency, whichever. i can't wait to see what they all look like framed. hanging it all in my apartment is going to be a challenge considering the fact that they'll all weigh more. oh well, it's rather worth all the trouble and moolah. even though i want to plug bob and ron for a minute. the work they do is absolutely wonderful and affordable. so if ever you're in chattanooga and need something framed, look them up.

i'm on the aesthetics committee at new city and it's time to decorate the sanctuary. so that's on the books for thursday. next week is secret santa at work. i'm not looking forward to it. i'd rather participate in a chinese/white elephant exchange. although it does end up being fun in the end. the difficult part is trying to gather five presents that someone is going to like under five dollars. unga bunga!

the 45Revolver has gotten a new job. it's a step up from the gym position he's had sense moving to honolulu in feburary. he'll be working as an engraver, which sounds kinda strange for an airforce base, but evidentally there are all sorts of things to engrave while living and working on an airforce base. i'm glad for him and hope it is challenging enough. as you can see he'll still be keeping up the spinning. busy as ever.

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