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who's materialistic, will you be consuming a whole lot this december, where will you be looking for gifts galore? lust/content factor. measure your motivation.





here's a few, more to come, more of my favorites. hooray!!!

last night with the ap students went really well. it is hard for me to believe that ten years ago i was one of those seniors in highschool just beginning to discover and experiment with art. ten years ago was the first year lauren started teaching. i was one of her first students to continue with an artistic path. i love showing and sharing my work with other people. these kids had all sorts of questions, they're just great big sponges soaking up anything and everything creative. the whole point was to push the inspiration needle so that they could get through the rest of the year. lauren had been talking with them about embellished surfaces. i think of my work as collage, but i suppose it is embellished. i was so happy to see five new pieces framed. i'd like to go ahead and get about ten to fifteen new pieces out. i've already got three, but they are small.

it feels good to see completed work and know that a work is finished. there's no going back and any doubt i had about the outcome has to be booted away. i talked with the kids about process and not using other people's art. i have always been intrigued with the pure aesthetic and where it comes from. is the pure aesthetic in me? it is similar to that of an original idea, but differs because of what we as individuals find to be personally beautiful. beauty can be all things. even deconstruction can be beautiful. the process, the emotion, the elements and principles of design all hold one form or another of beauty. i felt like a disciple last night. which is a bit of brag way to put how the experience felt. but i was imparting ideas and theories to something these kids have rarely put their hands on. i had my polyoruthene, wax, thread, drywall tape, paintbrushes scattered around my apartment. i feel like being an artist is no big deal sometimes. it's sort of like an artist a dime a dozen. just like everything nowadays. being recognized feels great.

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cool cat! i'm so happy for you. that's neat when yo get to teach a bit. those kiddies can learn alot from your experience and what you create of course. you make me want to get back on the bandwagon!