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we usually get so many gift baskets at work right before the holidaze that i end up feeling like a "starving overeater." every once in a while a nice basket is sent with fruit and muffins, tins of cookies and chocolate and 'gourmet' lemon poppy seed cheese thingys. i was fortunate to snag this beautiful pear, a treasure when ripe.

on tuesday night i went to lamar's with m.k.d, when i got home i felt ill and fell out of bed and busted my face on my nightside table. so on wednesday i felt completely horrible so i called in sick at work. thursday was a scheduled half day so i worked with a very swollen lip. its been a very embarrassing experience. but i know it was an accident too. thursday evening was a night with the parentals. and friday was new years eve, but i decided to spend the evening at home. i went and helped my brother ethan clean his office space. in the evening i watched wilco's documentary by sam jones, i am trying to break your heart. i thought the second dvd with extra/internal features was more entertaining than the actual film, but very informative, considering i didn't know what kind of crisis the band had been in with reprise records.

new years day i woke up early. i went to eat with k. knutson at sticky fingers, then we went and saw closer. the movie as i understood prior to seeing, was not entertaining. interesting and brutally honest, but probably not that realistic. i liked that it was originally a play and so the scenes were longer and filled with dialogue. poor natalie portman, poor julia, poor jude, poor other dude. if i were to act in a movie like closer or even eyes wide shut (which i've never seen), i think my personal life would suffer. i don't think i could immerse myself in a role so diluted for months on end and know how to be in a intimate relationship. its no wonder that celebrities fall apart.

one thing i do want to mention here at the beginning of the new year is a interest my mom has exposed me to. you may hate george w. bush but his council on bioethics is interesting no matter what. my mom got the 'beyond therapy (enhancement)' part. i guess you can order the discussions in book form off the site. i'm not scared, but based on my beliefs, there are issues that are underlying that have nothing to do with the war, abortion, healthcare, welfare or whose smarter. i'm sorry as i enter this new year i'm not interested in dehumanizing humanity by supporting, cloning, life extension, mood control, memory erasing, et cetera. it's worth looking at seriously. i've not even spent any real time looking but i know what i see that's already going on.

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