noelle alexander christmas 2004

this morning as usual i woke up at quarter o' eight and made a pot of 10% blended kona coffee. i was watching katie couric, flipping between her with school children and diane sawyer in sri lanka. michael moore was with katie this morning talking, blubbering, bemoaning the democratic blight. for the last two months moore has spent his time in the media complaining that the democrats 'have got to find "their arnold".' i find michael moore to be disgusting, not because of his films or because of his political poisonings, but because he should run for president. because he should find the path of least resistance and rescue himself. moore seems to be shaming the democratic party lines. his words are just as familiar as kerry's. it's as though moore thinks the political scene is a forum for his maniacal ranting and raving. most of what he said this morning was unintelligent. the suggestion that tom hanks, oprah winfrey or hillary should run for president is rather a degrading remark to the united states citizens. he must think we all, democrats and republicans alike, are just plain retarded. it is continuously frustrating for me to hear and view people on television who think of themselves as having a voice for the nation. jas once told me that bernie mac got on television and said that "speaking for me and my people g.w. bush is not worth voting for..." i'm not so sure the quote is necessarily word for word but the idea that one man could stand up and speak for his people that way, and get away with it... if i were a black man, whether i agreed with bernie mac or not, i would say, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! so i'm saying, "SPEAK FOR YOURSELF MOORE!"

i appreciate his political documentaries, but getting on TODAY with ole katie doesn't speak volumes. try running moore. try running moore.

oh well katie couric makes me sick anyway. what do i expect? i'm interested in keeping up with the political scene, though it has dried up considerably post election stay-tus. last night though i got out to hobby lobby for paint. i need paint so badly and fortunately for me it was forty percent off the regular cheaper price. i also bought some different kind of origami paper and learned how to make a cute little basket. so now i'm off from the workforce thinking about evening projects.

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