of goldfish and frost

i keep meaning to get here and yesterday i was, but in an instant my perfectly good blog disappeared in a server disconnect. you all have had the same exact problem at one point or another, so there is no need for me to go into my sheer frustration and disappointment.

in other news i am discovering the newest challenges and embracing them. i had quite a nice weekend and here i am again about to enjoy another. friday evening, was my joan of Arcadia night, as usual. i am snarling because i saw previews for next week and the show will feature hillary duff (the puff). teeniebopper heaven. saturday was incredible, i spent the day painting and added the next two canvases to the original two. i worked again last night and i am finding the light at the end of the tunnel. ah guys i really think it is going to be a beautiful piece, but i am still concerned about framing it when all is said and done. i have a couple of ideas, but we shall see. i need a good healthy critique though and i asked my art student friend if he'd be willing to help. i am still waiting, almost impatiently to hear word from AVA regarding the 4Bridges. i wish the wait hadn't been this prolonged. it's a huge fest and i understand that the jurors need time, but my god i had to have the slides in, back on november 19, 2004. after i finish this painting i'm off on a new idea, actually i've gotten a couple. i started a quilt of paper, two actually and i hope to have those finished soon. i also want to finish my clipboard paintings and i have my cards and a box collage.

holy matrimony, a list would be helpful, but not today.

i also have been blessed to be invited to an all female bible study on tuesday evenings. ah i think it is going to be incredible. we are going to study jerry bridges trusting god. i am so excited and feel that i've been asking or desiring something like this for a very long time. i have been in small groups before and felt dissatisfied. i believe the all female thing is really going to provide relational stability and guidance. i also hope to hear new things, learn new things and pray for others like never before. i am so thankful for my coworker/friend carolyn "in the city," she's the one who has the friend julia who is leading the study. julia is forty five years old, never been married, lives alone, craftsy and artsy, psycho-therapist @ valley. moved around a thousand times. and was called by god to come to chattanooga to minister to her sister.

even if i am a small goldfish i'm not going to let the size of my bowl prevent me from becoming a bigger goldfish. i'm looking forward to making my way through these times. my break up with jas is still prevalent in my mind and on my heart. our distance may help us in the end, but overall it is difficult to let go. sometimes it is easier than others. i am confident of my choices and decision. i know that god wants for the me the desires of my heart and that a husband and children are not wrong for me to want. i also know that god wants me to have financial peace and restitution with those whom i owe moolah to. i know that god's will for my life is brighter than my view of my future. i know and believe in his ultimate plan for my life. use me lord for your glory. i have many things to look forward to.

josiah's second birthday, a trip to new jersey to see the grandparentals and the development of relationships through the bible study. Hooray. and possible snow. please i want to see the snow. frost isn't going to cut it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're working cat!! Have you thought about having the canvases hindged? Maybe FW's could do that. I dunno. I don't know how big they is. I need to work, I'm drained like all the time, UGH! I need to not live at this computer, but it's fun...