transistor with dj for an hour

i am fiending for new and improved photos, i've taken them, but they are floating in the camera. i also have got to get to the north chattanooga playground at night to take some photos. last night i should of, but it was way to cold and tonight is julia's home. so maybe later on this week i'll have an opening.

last night i was ultra-successful at sewing at least fifty odd paint chips together in a semi-quilt design. rally round the europro. it's a trooper of a machine. handling several widths of paper and my pulling, pushing, unpracticed hand. i couldn't take a nap last night after work. my nerve endings were fragmented from work, as usual. i had had an interesting discussion with one of my coworkers and it left me feeling peeked and faint from the mental exertion and emotional pentup-ness. i am not an experienced billing/insurance person. i don't want to do things the same way they've always been done. i don't have direction or support. there is no accountability and i will make some off the wall decisions. but i do feel i am a rookie and that there is too much for me to learn in a day. i feel that i am expected to know things that there's really no way in hell i could have known. oh well. i will prepare to leave when all is well with the software. i know that i keep saying that but it's oh so very true. no one can stop me. hahahaha...

i've got to keep in mind that all will be fine in the end. with cvs around the corner and feeling more and more hopeful about 4Bridges. everyday i consider the possiblilities of having an acceptance letter. oh and back the paint chip quilt. it is absolutely beautiful. i'm debating a yellow threaded sunshine or something less realistic. this past weekend i got good deal of advice from my friend phillip about the painting i was working on. i didn't go to church on sunday and kept hunting up solutions for the painting. finally by midnight i was eager to hang it and let it get cold for a while. too much energy was passing right through it and all that was sticking was the negative moves. so it's ahangin'. and i like it but it does need more sprucing and tweaking.

i ended up having an after party for andrew stewart at my house on saturday evening, which turned out to be a blast. i'm thinking that if the 4Bridges doesn't come together i may have my own exhibit opening in my own home. advertise the selling of art, send out invites et cetera et cetera. would you come? and did you know that i have more cards for sale. you'll have to trust me on their looks. eventually i'll have a photo up of them. but seriously boys and girls there's enough to go around. thank you for your continued prayers. i feel the uplifting hands of god around my heart and mind each day.

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