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yesterday morning i woke up in a cloud of white flurry. a snow poured and blew from the sky, leaving me feeling sad without accumulation. last night i had a nightmarish dream and awoke at 1.17am. yikzers. i remember it well as if it were really real. a small two seater glider plane flew into my building.

right into the first level, below my window looking out towards the north. the plane made no noise when it hit the building, as if the building opened a large mouth and swallowed it whole. i felt a small to medium vibration, but nothing that knocked me off my feet. there was no explosion or immediate fire, just a sucking sound as if the plane was imploding in on itself. no screaming, and a delayed fire alarm went off out in the hallway. i didn't feel panicked, but confused about what had just happened, so as i have done before, (in real life) i got my purse and cellphone and walked down the stairwell to the lobby and out the side door. the firemen and trucks seemed to get there simultaneously with the crash, so i never heard them come. not even one tiny siren sound. i could smell something burning and literally woke up when i did.

but i went back to sleep or drifted in that inbetween state and found myself going back up into my apartment to find the paint peeling off the walls, rust brown water marks, and a chemical burn smell.

what a strange dream. usually i only dream when i am napping during the afternoon or early evening. today it is beautiful outside and i've got to work tonight from 6-9pm. i might go out, but i'd like to stay at home and work on a few projects. i've got to get something off to h. i noticed her beeUtefful cards, loving the paper source. i also haven't forgotten about the music room drawings. but saturday i've got to work too. oh brother. i'm outta here for the weekend. back on monday.

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