private eye

there are a few things that i believe i need, but can do without for now. lately i've been watching the gray fungi take over my white shower curtain. certainately i'll find one at the rx. i'd like a very new piece of furniture for my television. i am also running out of book space. so there is much to look forward to. have any of you ever heard of a www based book trade? no buying, no selling, nothing but books flooding the postal service system. i might think about trading books with any number of you. i'll enjoy reading anything except for romantic pulp. hit me up if you're at all interested. i'd like a portable record player too. jas told me about a japanese yellow and orange portable player. oooo & aaaaa.

the world of materialism could quickly rub me out o' biznaz. don't get me wrong i am really happy with what i have. but i'd like to have a studio. i'd also like to know how to iron wax on canvas, before/after painting/collage. for hannah: in the past my friend fenn and i use to exchange collage pieces. all kinds of incredible pieces of paper to put back into our work. i also used to go to thrift stores and pick up old highlight's magazines or children's books. one thing i really want to do is work on a diorama. but h. if you find paper that you really like you should dip it in wax. old photos look cool after being dipped in wax too. and if you are still struggling to make good on collage, try working in one color. color themes are really nice, monochromatic collages. yum to tum.

yesterday i got paid and went to lupi's for dinner last night. phish was being played on the overhead. blahblahblah. i'm not a jamband fan. but i sure do like the badplus. and iron and wine was on last call with carson daly. i have dropped the photo collage for a minute. this weekend is project X. what about dj P.eye?


hannah said...

the wax sounds very interesting. do you leave it on, or pick it off to give it an aged look? im going to have to scrounge around my papers with new eyes.

Anonymous said...

you should check out encaustic techniques. They sell a lot of the supplies at Dick Blick.

dopeattic said...

i shall indeed look at blick, is there more of an untradional way? i never pick off the wax unless i'm going to glue the piece of paper to another surface and the glue won't stick because of the wax, then i'll do a crosshatch scratch. the wax makes the paper a little transparent and mate finishes it.