pinching pitstops

i am terribly excited today. the weather has been incredible the last few days and i feel a refreshed perspective. i do not have to work at the ole rx tonight. and so i am going to a lookouts baseball game. they are playing the mudcats. woohoo. then i'm off to the local schmocal for a brycon show. it has been so long that i cannot remember the last time i went out for an evening. i sound like a mother with children who never gets out of the house. but actually it is just the opposite for me. i just have the workforce mode on and can't seem to escape from having moolah ishas (issues).

oh but don't get me wrong. financially things are looking quite up. up up and away. i still have several goals to meet financially but i have sought accountability and have gotten what i need from that.

i thought i had more to say today and feel less inclined to waste work time here, gabbing away about the fun night to come. you may know this already but i still talk with the 45 Revolver. he was telling me about this incredible restuarant that he went to last night in chinatown, honolulu hi. 'right up my alley' he said, describing the paper mache' butterflies hanging from the ceiling and a tree with (fake) birds in it along with a cd player chirping out bird sounds. how wonderful does that sound? broccoli, scallops so big you could put a birthday candle in it and it might look like a tiny white birthday cake. all of this so imaginative and fantastic.

Little Village Noodle House
(808) 545-3008
1113 Smith St
Honolulu, HI 96817
0.7 mi NW

This clean modern-looking noodle shop is a major addition to the offerings in Honolulu's Chinatown. The inside is designed to look like a Chinese village with willow trees, rustic furniture, and trellises. But it's the food from the glassed-in display kitchen that's noteworthy: crunchy salt and pepper shrimp, hot and sour noodles, black bean chicken, and stir-fried clams with lemongrass. Much
more flavor than traditional Chinese, plenty of garlic and chilies, much less oil, plus healthy alternatives like no MSG and heart-healthy olive oil. We like this place for lunches and late-night refueling.

there are pitstops in life all of the time and everywhere you turn. but often it isn't the pitstop that is a problem. it is how you look at the pitstop and if you are able to take advantage of what is offered at the pitstop.

i am going to breakfast with my sisters in laws on thursday morning. we have gone out before, but not for awhile and i miss them dreadfully. i work with my brother's wife mc, but she's in grad school, doing clinicals and treating the heck out of patients. laurie is a rn up on the children's floor here at the hospital. funny how we are each work within the medical field somehow...somewhere. they are both different from me. mc is practical and smart, often ditsy humor comes out of her mouth. she's less shy and hesitant in comparison to the beginning of her relationship with my brother ethan and our family. laurie is sweet and tenderly generous, she and aaron dated from eighth grade up until a year ago when they got married. geez, i've never dated anyone that long before. laurie is a creative and takes lots and lots o' photos. but aside from our differences we really get along very well. they are a joy to be with and tend to bridge gaps between my brothers and i. aaron is constantly busy as well as ethan. oh brother.

well i'm outta here for the day. tired of writing and working simultaneously.
did you see they've chosen a new "german" pope? interesting...isn't it.

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sweethc said...

I was not as surprised the new pope is German or an older senior citizen. What did surprise me is they did not choose someone more progressive. I still think the catholic church is in denial about the sexual abuse problems.