paper foul play

i have started on my next piece. it is an old cardboard checker board that at one point i cut in half. now i have put it back together and covered it in my favorite yellow drywall tape. it is the best texture in the world for painting and collage. i did a painting of josiah knutson a while back and that was done with drywall tape and wax and acyrlic. so i also have some quilted origami pieces that i want to include. i think that i said before that i wanted to do a piece about my work, the hours of billing and insurance and rx cashiering. i also am really inspired by kate's last work. i even have sent hannah a letter to see if she'd do a pocket quilt but she doesn't know it yet because i just sent the letter. i have gotten these little pieces of yellow vellum from the rx too. i must finish my aprons, but i need a tad more ribbon. lu and h. did send the nicest stuff, i couldn't quite believe how well the ribbon matches the color of the aprons. i also thought that these crafty girls who sew all the time must have monster machines. i have the baby europro dressmaker. the baby moves and wiggles while i sew. the reason is prolly because i stand and use the push on/off button instead of the foot pedal.

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sweethc said...

Oh, how I wish I had a monster sewing machine. I have a Kenmore. Pretty basic model, but it gets the job done. I did get a serger from the Freecycle program. Can't wait to see the apron. Do you need me to send more ribbon?