computer additions

here again is a lovely photo from veer. you ought to really check it out. there are so many photos to pick from and ways to search for specs. i intentionally was looking for images with the color orange. this seemed nice, much like the robot in an earlier post. we all have ways of endorsing, broadcasting and showing off our works of art, words of art and thoughts. i often times don't have much to say here, but a picture says quite a bit. i know that you are supposed to pay veer for their products, and i've said it before, but why don't they put some sort of block on their photos? i don't feel morally obligated at this point, i'm not copping the stuff as my own. give credit where credit is due or be sued. right?

the office has been quiet today. although that is because two of my direct co workers are out. i had a crap o la morning due to the fact that every time i turned around there was a patient at my window or their windows, a phone call, or a printer issue. i would just like a day when nothing, absolutely nothing goes awry. these are the sorts of days i feel free enough to do a little bit more www surfing. if you know what i mean? getting a way with a little bit more blogging time. so this is what i have done and you may have noticed. i am taking the steps to include some of you little by little into the growth, one year old baby of mine, "phantomcrimes." i started my, 'knowing me by my roots' the friendships and works of others that inspire me and push me to grow into a family tree. 'dinocam ph2s' are open for your veiwing pleasure. i feel less inclined to share so many photos with you, on the condition that you won't make fun of the pictorial quality or the subject matter. i am an experimentor, not a trendsetter dudes! there is also 'the past', which are obviously my last entries and then 'another life,' which is fitting considering the fact that my one year anniversary is right around the corner and i feel a life away from where i began here one year ago. does that make sense?

so there you have it. i know lots of fellow bloggers work towards some fun way of celebrating the time gone by, but i have no clue. forget it, i'm not a sport for putting something up for you. no cake, no ballons, no firecrackers. just the disabling of your minds.


sweethc said...

I got the package of fabrics and apron. Thank you so much. I happen to like the unusual bottom seam of the apron...very artistic. I am thinking of using your super sewing technique on something I do in the future! Your package came right on time as I had my worse day of work yesterday. Nice to have something waiting for me. AND, I loved the stationery. I have such a weakness for paper.

krissy said...

hi there. i found your site via karina's blog. i just wanted to say, i'm a massive fan of veer too. i always wonder if some of their retro illustrations are their own original art or taken from old books and such.