oh my father

i've got this new little program on my pc here at the workforce that allows me to enhance these otherwise dull looking collages. i appreciate the small things yet although i've worked with photoshop on my home pc, before. i shouldn't have it here at work, i'd be so distracted, that's all i would do. but the colors look so much nicer as well as the hint of scotch tape on the corners. woohoo is my reply. this was a college i may have posted before. i did it back several years ago, probably like 5 or so for a bridal shower invite. actually i know i've posted it before, oh well. here it is new and improved.

before i move forward with this post i want to give a big huge shout out to kate knutson. congrats on getting your beautiful, long awaited, paintings from norway. the work is incredible. a bravo, pass me not oh gentle awakening. do not miss out on this work! kate and her husband joel, spent an entire year in norway, studying their minds, hearts and souls out. she was fortunate to beable to paint and her growth is completely, utterly, humbly obvious. i am posting my two favorites, incase you miss them, which i don't think you should.

over the last few years i believe my family has become more of a cohesive unit. we are all still in the same area and we've even taken in a couple of girls who really needed a better home. i'd say with in the last five years my family has grown twofold with the addition of laurie and mary, smoore and emoore. one of the reasons i suppose it stricks me today is that we celebrated father's day last week all together. we had an amazing time. not something i can quite articulate that well, but less magical and more magnificant, less arbitrary, more like a quick rush of adrenline to my brain and heart. i would lay my life down for my family. pathetically in some ways they are my closest, most dearest friends. mc suggested that she and i go to epik and have our hair and nails done one day before the gulf shores beach trip. how considerate she was to think of me, knowing that i've lost weight and need the premature greys to disappear beneath a great pallette of mahagony and red rocker streaks. we've decided to make a day of it. but for god's sake i never thought i'd be this close to my sister in law. a blessing.

my father is my family's most important member in many ways though. it is with great honor that i can call out my father and he is there there there. no man measures. over the years the man has grown and has been humble enough to allow his children to be apart of his mental, emotional and spiritual growth. he has been a faithful husband to my mother for 31 years, a hard working, devoted character; quiet and awkwardly bookish at times, the wit of a pickle. i enjoy my father as his knowledge brings my joy, comfort, peace and reconciliation. he is a much happier man now as well which makes my family and i so so so happy. he very rarely complains about his job or how tired he is or how we crowd his space, crashed his cars, ruined his financial credit, exploited his graces, and trampled his love. he continually points us in our almighty father's direction. i am overwhelmed by what we are because of my father. i understand that there are many blessed families out there in the world, but what i comprehend is why men are demoralized and made fun of. why have we taken their strength away from them? what did women need by going to work everyday. the freedom was not ours for the taking. i am thankful that my father is intelligent, i am grateful for his enduring faith, lasting love and passive patience. i am thankful that i am like him in so many great ways. my thoughts will be of my father this weekend. i just ask that i might find a man like him someday.

yet another note:

i think i am going to start pointing you all in some less obsure directions, so look forward to my favorite music of the week entry, my favorite book of the week, my favorite graffiti, my favorite artist, my favorite inch, my favorite colors et cetera.

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thanks for the shouts! im trying to setup a flickr of all my work up to this point.