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one heart and the greatest little stuffed pieces linking me from pr1mary space. check out the links and see these artists pushing the envelope. i really like this parskid's work, i'd also like to participate in month of softies with something like this within the confines of the theme.

two hearts are better than one...i love love this too, totally inspired. wow and how sweet is this, see the gallery and picture yourself in one of these, or having one hanging on your living room wall. i totally think i am in the wrong place. i have been "working" my privileged ass off all weekend to produce a few descent pieces, but i do not feel the product is up to par. i definitely think i am getting there on a few levels, but really all that i think i ought to do is quit my nine to five and start busting the move on this art thing. otherwise i will dry up and be a crusty old paintbrush.

oh i have been having a difficult time with posting the photos that i want, this new photo op isn't working so well for me and i have struggled with this one entry until now. slightly giving in to the old ways of dealing. i did want to catch up, shape up or ship out and show you all what i have been looking at. savoring the bits and pieces of what makes me excited. i must say that even though this post is from june i am now in july and so happy. two weeks away from taking two long awaited vacations. cannot help but wish i was going to the city, but hilton with the knuts will be fantastic.

my linkage above may be just a bit yuck, so i'll try and explain. pr1mary space a gallery i found that has links to all these other great artist sites. hope you don't mind. the elephant is from here. it is the color and line i love so often in these sorts of works. also i've found the amathin gallery of art by amy dickey. the below pic is just a small sample of my favorites from her. wish i could be...as i said above.

okay so i have been working hard on a couple of pieces. i am now finishing up my clipboard pieces. these things have been sitting around in my apartment for so long, they were beginning to rot away. so i am doing a plant and bees thing on one and then a bird and fish thing on the other and i had already done a cityscape on one, but i'm not touching it up. cannot say too much or add a photo, but it definitely does feel good.

i am making collage boxes again and think i may have mentioned that. and let's see. this past weekend i saw jennifer kring. i got super doper sick o' rama, but survived well enough to visit with her. she had very exciting news. a baby kring is coming in february o 2006. she's nine weeks. gosh, how exciting! congrats jen. and for all you out there, like erin p. i hope this doesn't come as a great shock.

i really don't have much time to write. look forward to catching up more later. just wanted to get one out to you all.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting my artwork up, i'm glad that you like it. :)-amathin