hermit style

don't let yourself be overwhelmed by anna's nice pastel painted pieces. big ups, lighter flight, flicker plight! i am so excited by these new ways of looking at things. kate, what do you think of partial nudes? i'd buy, so might a hollis patron. i know i am missing out. i have to miss out right now. and that is totally alright. i keep thinking that i'll find satisfaction in a life balanced between working full time and art-ing full time, but today and even yesterday i feel like quitting the hard 9-5 and pouncing on a studio space, a full time creation station. i'd starve to death, but no more than i am right now. i'd have the time to create large sewn pieces, splatter, quilted cornered effects of observation.

this weekend went well, i was blessed. not to have to work one ounce. not even a smidgen on saturday or sunday. so on saturday i went to my aunt c.'s house to swim in their new, brand spankin new above ground pool. a & l came and we spent around two hours out there. being on an antibiotic i smothered myself in 60+ waterproof baby sunburn lotion. caught a small wink of sun on my cheeks and felt the heat, but survived, so happy to be out there. her home dates around the civil war. remembered the cannon ball and multi-bullets found out there. she's got the beautiful farm yard look. hydrangea, roses, heliborus and the like. a tree swing, compost pile with a pumpkin vine growing out. a halloween treat. my uncle does some handy work for a chinese family in lkt valley. so saturday night we plopped down, i had fried rice and nice little egg role, and a few cream cheese/crab ragoons or however you spell/smell it, hahaha!

sunday i was supposed to meet mc and ethan at calvary, but it was a no go. i did go to the parentals for a very very nice veggie meal per monamieta. yum and thank you. we had a pleasant afternoon. i went home afterward and slept, a long rainy day nap.

i did not do anything creative this weekend, like i should have. i did pick up and apron, potholder or notecard. i drank a whole bunch of coffee, and mocha fusion. i read a bit more of the da vinci code and went to walmart one time.

i like caitlin kuhwald's work, will you be looking at it too? and have you seen what lu has been working on. awh hell this deserves a hi five beautify my shelves. pretty books of wonder.

after today, i am right now a little overwhelmed so i am going to finish up here.


sweethc said...

Wow! Caitlin's work is incredible. I don't think I have ever been that good at drawing faces and bodies.

katiek said...

Oh yeah I love that work too! It reminds me a little of Frida but not so bleek and suicidal.
What d'ya mean by partial nudes like A butt cheek or A boob? Just kidding. Is my seated nude a partial cuz it has no head? I do have one I was working on while preg w. Jos and it was just the torso. Is that what cha mean?

alena said...

Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.