master quiz A

oh the tiniest example of blaine fontana's work at totembookmedia. just one, but this is a must see! i have been meaning to show this work, magic poof! this guy has been doing it! really if you look closely you'll see the numbers 92, sideways at the bottom. i do believe my ideas lean this direction. it is the small worlds, bright colors, details, layers, and crusty beginnings. how can you say no to a piece like this? i suppose your personal aesthetic would have a whole lot to do with it. i have started to see glimpses of a struggle coming my way, artistically speaking. it is a combination of things that you may have noticed. first, i need a studio space, not just a corner of my home. second, i need large canvas per the thrift store. i need a personal thrift store shopper. anyone willing? third, i'd like a real show. a real digital camera, a real pc @ the homestead apt. i need to quit my job, either at uoha or cvs and make more money elsewhere and work part time art career. did i say art career? what the hell am i thinking? all i know is that when i am at home i don't feel like doing much right now. i think i may have too much in my apartment too. how about a lobby yard sale. i do remeber a long time ago, someone in my apartment building set up a table downstairs and sold stuff. another time i filled two huge bags full of used clothing and whatnot and took them down to the laundry room. made a big sign and said FREE.

i also wanted to show you the work of hektor. one of those graf artists i found through the wooster collective. again here is one example. a I.D. cover. what do you know?

i do not know if i have anymore to offer today. i am sure that i should make up my mind and not just drift as i feel that i am. honestly for a minute i did not feel so bad. i suppose i should probably take a break from surfing the www and looking at all this beautiful work. jealousy might corrupt this girl heart of mine. or maybe i just know i have the means to do something else. forever i was talking of moving. now the double job thing has taken over that thought. now i'm talking about taking small baby steps. i know getting away is going to help a whole lot at the end of this month, so maybe i shouldn't worry so much about the creative side of things for bit.

oh in answer to k's questions...i do love the partial nude. and you have done a couple, now that you mention it, i remember. i do like the hip/elbow & breast. the back and nape of neck, legs like those cut off from the rest of the body are nice too. i just liked more of the crop in some of yesterday's artist work. sort of how the nude you are working on now, her foot is falling off the canvas. makes a piece for me, bigger than the canvas. but do not get me wrong, no shape or form or color is better in my eyes than these with which you are working on now. thank you for your work you all. the encouragement is wonderful.


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