pine apple por-trait

self portrait tuesday

oh brother, yeah and you might have to take a moment to recover from looking at this photo. for god's sake i've got a pineapple growing out of the top of my head. i have also been stealing these photos from the 45 Revolver's photobucket account. we were 'dating' for around a year and in that time he flew me out to honolulu hawaii. while there he took me all over the place. one of my favorite places was the dole plantation. we decided not to spend the money to take the tour, but i had to have a taste of the famous pine-apple ice cream. it was a welcome treat that day, heat and driving in the mazda mia-ta convertible. happy memories of my journey there.

today i finishing up for the month, due to the fact that i am leaving out tomorrow for hilton head island, south carolina. you know i am a little bit of a ditz, thinking all of this time that hilton head was in georgia. so i have got another seven hour drive for another beach vacation.

okay and my day was going alright, until five checks i just got finished posting came up missing when i went to compile my deposit. come to find out the missing five checks had been deposited a week ago without me knowing. i am totally frustrated because i was hoping to get a whole lot more accomplished today than search for lost money. oh well, a day here will never be predictable.

i made another big batch of humus last night-instead of working. yummy, so easy too! i took a few photos while at gulf shores, and i am in the procrastination station re: getting photos from my february new jersey trip developed. i took photos of my great grandmothers old home, my grandfather's grave and of peter pan bakery. i refuse to bring my film to cvs rx, because their development sucks! and every time i have a day off, i forget to take the film to ritz or wolfe. i am pathetic when it comes to film developing, but i believe it is hereditary. my parents are just as bad or worse.

i have absolutely no craft-e projects going on right now. i feel so terrible about it. i started a package for melissa and i still must finish my next two aprons. there's a handmade book i started too and i think it would be perfect for lu, to repay her for her genorsity. i am going to have to have patience and motivation, simultaneously. i am almost finished with the da vinci code and have enjoyed it for it's simply entertainment quality, haven't really understood why such the controversy when the novel first came out. it isn't written from a 'factual' perspective one ounce. oh well, next i've got dave eggers 'the heartbreaking working of staggering genius.' yikes it'll take some time. i suppose that's all for now. i'll be back on saturday night late, so no posting till monday morning or so.

if you have any ideas for bday gifts for my dad, brother aaron or sister in law laurie give me a shout through the email. wanna keep the ideas a secret. i missing you all, already.

outta here.


kath red said...

this is hilarious.

sweethc said...

Have fun on your trip. I was admiring the ice cream cone in your hand more than the pineapple growing out of your head!

Friend said...

oh cool!
Uh that Ice cream may be great!