lone rangers

josiah j. knutson is two and a half years old, the son of a fairly tall father, he is half way in catching up with shortly me. despite our age difference, we get along very well. we have plenty in common and i claim to be his very first best friend. i was fortunate enough to be there as he fought his way into the world. the beauty and charge resonants with me as strongly now as it did that day.

most of the time josiah and i speak of music, especially the guitar, bass, sax and drums. it is quite interesting to see his mind and body express his young desire to be a musician. one day while @ hilton head, we were happy to hear dean the reggae artist perform out by the pool. we spent at least an hour out there, sole audience members. but josiah paid attention, i really think he got the concept of the microphone, speakers and possibly the mixer. all i had to say was the wire leading from each to the speaker made the sound louder. josiah became so animated as he repeated my exact words. we sang a whole bunch too. josiah enjoys my improvisational lyrics, thinking that they are real. he doesn't mind me throwing him around a bit, the rougher the louder the laughs and screams. i tried to get him to float on his back in the ocean, and kick his legs, but the concept of swimming versus drowning hasn't quite rooted in him. i appreciated his joy and willingness to do almost anything. kate and joel have been really good parents thus far. josiah is a good kid though, his fuss and muss is usually because of tiredness, no spoiling, except for a little coca cola, which he thinks is hot and has a hard time swallowing. it's a good thing though.

i had never been to hilton head before, and truly everything is in the bushes/trees. hidden with tiny signs. i'd like to go back someday and explore a little more. stopped in savannah on our way back. i have been to savannah before. once in '94 to visit SCAD and the second time with darren hawk and brian whitacre, camping on tybee. i got burnt like a piece of toast out there. not a great trip. this time around was a whole lot more fun. considering i'd never shopped the shops. bought a cool birthday present with suzanne for laurie coe collier aka sister in law. we only stayed a short while, due to the fact that i had to drive the rest of the way back, so we left four pm afternoon, got back around eleven. not bad. although, i did get a speeding ticket on my way down 87 in a 70. oops! can't say i was to upset. moolah isn't due until september 12th, got sometime. but we saw a ton of the po-po. must've needed to meet the monthly quota.

when i got home there was a package from the 45, with his new cd, redda fire, about eleven engraved name plates for my framed work, fliers, and a poster. nice it up surprise, like the old days. had to write him back and ask the obvious questions, that i never ask. oh well. i am not too terribly interested in having a long distance anything. i am thankful for the mere friendship. i just am not going to be responsible for carrying any of the weight. period.

now that my summer vacations are over, i'll be looking at projects, job opportunities, and such more closely. i have got a few pieces i need framed for my august twelth show other than that i may be set. took my film to walmart last night. chattanooga hasn't got a ritz anymore and wolfe screws up black n white. we shall see, i'm looking forward to the photo cd. i always feel like i run low on the photos. the rest of the week i've got to be at the rx every night. so umm, back to normal. fast paced, cyclical yet good for me.

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Laurie said...

Cathy- it makes me sick- all this talk about your art at the show and I was not there. I am so sorry. I feel terrible- I would have loved it. I am sure it was wonderful- but no excuses- I am so sorry.