weary warrior

i have got to spit it out and let you in on another artist i found. courtney wotherspoon illustrations is bangin'!!! the sample is one of my faves, but you've got to see 'tread here.' i am not going to show it, so you'll be forced to find it. kate k. had done a few sketches of her husband at one point or another and this next one really reminds me of that work of hers. nick cicciola has a nice positive-negative space thing going on. i honestly think that that is what first attracts me to a work of art. ever sense highschool i have been addicted to pos-neg space. i do not think my art even incorporates a whole lot of the technique or concept, but you know my friend erin p. is producting a whole bunch of work and we have got to get her on the web, showing that shit off man. check out the piece below, i ramble like a buffalo. today for lunch the office got taco schmac. i decided to get a salmon salad. it was half way decent, i should not complain an ounce though, considering the meal was free per dr. john mccravey for nikki's birthday.

work has been alright. the conflict comes and goes and man molly g. you are totally right things, like finishing work. i must sound as though i have a ton of unfinished work. literally...
i still have aprons to produce, two clipboard pieces need the finishing touches/slides/frames. i have the two pieces one the old checker board bird/fish piece and crimpeays. i feel terrible because i wrote melissa, a pal from snailmail a letter like two months ago, i was putting together a care package and whalaa! blah! it hasn't moved from my kitchen/project/catch-all table.

i woke up this morning and haven't gotten laundry done in two weeks, no clean underwares. that's totally embarassing, but true. on top of that i put my underwares on inside out. tag sticking out and all, carolyn n da city saying she was going to but sezy stuff for me now that i've lost a few pounds. i cannot see that happening.

the night before last night the fire alarm in my building-thirty six total apartments, went off four separate times. starting at 3:55am. of course the first, i dressed, gathered my cell-e, purse, and keys and kicked myself to the curb until the firemen gave the all's good on re-entry. the second and third time i decided to lay in bed and wait for a. the fire or smoke to kill me or b. the fireman to bang down my door or c. sleep thru explosive buzzing sounds. by the fourth time i was heading out the door to work, a dreary grumpy self, thinking that coming home to nothing, losing everything to fire again, might be a small relief. clothes, art, paint and project table awry anyway. so maybe i should have a party to motivate the clean up cause.

list o things which i will occassionally put together:

1. speeding ticket due september 12 - dublin GA

2. apt. lease ending september 1, wishing for a house to rent with someone.

3. art finishing, slides, fotoed and framed

4. art cards with gallery st

5. 34/84 moral support for k. family

6. new job?

7. pay off the papa

can you all think of anything else i need to do? ah laundry, number one priority!!!

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eden's mom said...

i need my apron! my floury mid-section is pleading for it!