portrait less ness

unfortunately i have no portrait to offer this fine tuesday afternoon. all cameras have been put away for the time being, for no reason at all. except for the fact that photo-graphing anything hasn't been all that inspiring lately, including photographs of myself. in august i filled my flickr to the brim, no more uploading, boohoo, begging for a pro account. trade for a pro account, plasma or platletts for a pro account. so instead i am going to recognize the need for beautiful classic, sometimes cursive handwriting. have you noticed handwriting (cursive) not required of students today? i've just heard from the working moms. humum?

additionally my mom has written a riveting opinion piece about the goings on, on frazier. check it out here.

10 years ago: i was 19, almost 20. living in my aunt cathy's cottage for a mere $75.00 a month (conditional on being in college, which i was and wasn't). i was driving a red four door nissan sentra '88 with the back corner window busted out of it. and a transmission about to go go go. i skipped classes, dropped out of school second semester, after skipping classes and dropping out first semester. i really thought i had to go to college. i really thought studying art was going to be my thing. not a chance. i think i was working at food lion as a cashier or at the barn nursery (plants) as a cashier. i was still hanging out with my highschool b.f., marc pembroke, rollerblading, traveling to knoxville and atlanta a whole lot, i even dyed my hair blue at one point. i got my one and only tattoo of two hearts intersected, star of david style, off of a leonard cohen book, 'book of mercy.' foolish little rebellious girl, destroying herself by unrepentence and neglect. i had not started smoking cigarettes yet though.

1 year ago: ooo this one is difficult for me to own up to, just like 10 years ago. i was dating someone, thinking about moving to hawaii, getting married et cetera. working @ uoha, but not at the ole rx, quite yet. i was spending alot of time sleeping, gaining weight, crying internally over a stupid ass long distance relationship. working on the mural.

Yesterday: i woke up at seven twenty am and made coffee, ate a bowl of raisin bran, smoked 2 cigarettes. got a shower(wash, blow & go), dressed, drove to work. was around ten minutes late to work. jumped into getting precert numbers for patient scans and hospital admits, posted all charges and my payments. while amy p. is on vacation i'm supposed to cover and post her payments. yikes!!! had a good day until 4 and then everything went awry. thought i was actually going to cry for a minute, medicaid of georgia sucks ass! it is that oncology is so darn expensive and they want details details details. i worked until 6, laurie coe collier called to see if i would come to dinner, i cancelled. went home after work, laid in bed and read dave eggers and took a small nap. woke up and ate mint choc. chip bryer's ice cream. worked on a surprise for someone, cannot tell. :)

5 snacks I enjoy: sour cream & onion ruffles, cream cheese & pretzels, vanilla ice cream with sunflowers seeds, coffee-specifically folgers mocha fusion addiction, beer (but not as much anymore)

5 songs I know the words to:

5 things i'd do with 100 million:

5 places I'd run away to:

5 things I'd never wear:

5 favorite TV shows:

5 biggest joys:

5 people to pass this on too

will continue tomorrow this is enough info for one day. i don't want to kill ya'll, with this um some boredom.


katiek said...

And to increase the torture, there's a 5 years ago question you missed :)

sweethc said...

Oh, those types of questions make me think too much. You are a good one for doing this.