making someone $$$

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

thanks to molly i can now ponder the worth of phantomcrimes. i suppose it is interesting, knowing this random bit of information. where is the money, who is making the money, because i am surely not. i did a random check on kate's blog and her's came up with $0 (zero denero). why the difference? is it because i do a whole bunch of random linkage. i thought kate linked more than me. i'll leave the research up to you.

in better news, my nana is doing better. or at least we know now a little bit more of what is going on with her. she has developed a blood clot in her lung and they began giving her heparin to thin it. once they are able to stabilize her, they will continue with tests, inorder to find out what is going on. i was sad yesterday thinking of nana ann all alone in her hospital bed, but my mom has been with her the last three days. next week we are going to have to share the responsibility of seeing that she is not alone. i hope to be able to see her soon. btw, nana is on the right. i took this photo while we were up in new jersey packing her up to move her here to chattanooga. i have been praying that she will not feel alone or scared.

i wanted to drive your eyes and keep them busy throughout the weekend. a couple of posts ago i put a pic from lovelydesign, i happened to be here (thanks chicadecanela!!!(at least i think:B)) and found i needed to do a little shopping. i haven't gotten my splurge yet, but i'll take photos when i get the nice stuff in the mail.

just today i found this beautiful site REFLEKTORIUM through someone else's site, so sorry just cannot remember.

i have been looking at this tiny toys on kidrobot with my friend m.b. we actually pulled some change together a bought a couple each. stupid? i dunno. but i think i'm interested for sure.

i hope the weekend goes alright. i am looking forward to some major art/craft time. pray that i get that time. i'll need. plus fun fall party at aunt cathy's. yeah yeah yeah! i'll work tonight and that's it.


mercy and sushi

i have felt so weary today, with tiny moments of happiness intertwined with sadness for my nana. she went into the hospital yesterday with shortness of breath, anemia and internal bleeding. today she has been so confused, thinking that she is still at the terrace or at the mall. my mom has been with her and i am going tonight to visit. i took this photo while in savannah. i am a huge fan of sushi and thought this was a super special sight. sushi advertising on a marque, like it's a movie or something. what's up with that?


history mystery

the way that our parents teach us through their own mistakes. the way that habits fall upon our children when we have been irresponsible. i have no way of relating to all of the young parents out there, trying to do their very very best, better than their own parents. i want children and have some clue as to raise them in agreement with a husband-partner-man-dude. but hell the up hill battle must be constant. i think of my mom and dad doing it all over again with smoore and emoore. why would you? i understand and let me state clearly that i know why my parents are doing what they are doing, but i suppose the hope has got to be in the hand of christ for his guidance.

i got into an interesting discussion with l. at the rx last night about religion. faith. she is great in her thoughts and encouragement. this sixty four year old lady is a great great grandmother, working, bright, strong and courageous. she really seems to have a spirit filled life and leads me with her thoughts sometimes. especially about money and men. which are two very difficult things to face as a single female. there is p.j. working in the rx who seems to want to flirt, but i know he is a "playa," he's got to find a hindu girl, no american protestant like myself. but it is interesting because l. thinks of course that p.j. is off big time, which he is, but she's made herself and her faith clear to him. to say the least i am rambling.

last night i finally go to the laundry. geez, you'd think i was washing for a family of five. i have enough socks to last me three weeks. as soon as i get to the bottom of the barrel of socks it is past time to do laundry.

everyone wants to know how my time was, with j.m. but i cannot give away the sort of details you may be looking for here, up in my family tree. it wouldn't be fair now, would it. all is well though. single life is a treachorous thing for male and female. i wouldn't want to spoil the potential for friendship or the like.

my history mystery for today is this idea of survival of the fittest. the thought itself is slightly disgusting and i am reminded of it all of the time. i was watching katie couric this morning again, why won't i stay away, and they were talking about female celebreties having babies and tummy tucks simultaneously. how absurd is that? so that is all i have to say. nothing real monumental i having to buckle down here at the ole workforce, manager wants the accounts zeroed tomorrow! a bit of an exaggeration, but nonetheless.

i also wanted to mention that aaron henning wrote me. very excited by that, especially since i know he got my site info from rob and ma hatch. thanks guys for reading and keeping in touch. there is great community. ah now i am gone until the next time.


week end wages

my eyelids are heavy my weekend wage amounts to exhaustion and a great temptation to sleep. all i must do is get through today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night and then i'll have two nice evenings off. then friday evening work, and the whole weekend off. it maybe stupid for me to be thinking of this coming weekend already. it is just that i had a blast this past friday night. out and about. feeling somewhat normal again with a social life. i tend to forget i am human and not just a machine. i tend to forget about what i am looking for. i tend to forget the weather is even changing, turning from summer to fall. which reminds me, when in cartersville with fam knutson i spent the majority of my time with josiah. it is amazing how at age two and half he has begun to sing and remember songs. so i simply love ella fitzgerald's "i love paris." so i taught josiah the song and it fit with our walks around the fest.

i got this roll of film developed "matte" finish style. i had fotos of gulf shores, hilton head, savannah and the cartersville weekend. while in savannah we went to several places, ate at vinnie van gogo's . yum and more yum. but the most important thing about my visit there was this beautiful skirt. the color and design are up my collage book alley. way to go!

this here is my favorite guy. and as soon as a get some more art moooolah, molah specifically for canvas. i'll be giving this foto a run for it's money. i'd like to do another portrait of him. so photogenic and the nice white concrete wall behind him is perfect. what is it about him? man i'm still glad i have my thrityfive mL camera. there is black smudges somewhere there in side the frame/lenses, which i've tried to clean. but i am fortunate that the smudges don't screw with the photos.

kate's exhibit opening went really well from my perspective. this is actually what she had to say about the evening. i do not feel it necessary to reiterate. only to say and concur that i believe in the success of the hollis gallery and kate as well. afterward we went to the meeting place and ate some yummy food, i had salmon and a nice wine-j.m's choice, mind you. from there j. and i went to the pickle barrel. all that i can say is that the weather made the whole evening! i could actually say a whole lot more, but i'll refrain for now.

i actually too, wanted to mention that my coworker amp became pregnant after 6 years of trying-fertility and the works. over the weekend she miscarried. coming into work this morning was a really courageous thing for her to do, but she is going to need a whole lot of prayer, strength and comfort. if you think of it and feel like praying for her, god will shed his love upon her and her husband, but the more prayer the better, you know?


the waiting trait

there is nothing like the feeling of getting over. how i get over is a miracle in itself. i make a choice to believe that getting over a day, over a week, over a sour relationship, crappy waiting, loss of life, "the" war, my tired witless work, this tiny sprouting overwhelming insecurity is the grace, i said the GRACE of my father, my god. i was praying last night, falling asleep as often i do-do at around one a.m. praying and then thinking of how in god's grace he allows me to fall, he allows me the freedom to fall, so that i might realize his awesome power, his awesome strength, the neverending joy in knowing him, speaking with him on these subjects. i fall minutely, every last detail of my life is a fall. i am terribly blessed to be on the waiting list having that waiting trait in my genetics, feeling it in my blood, pulsing through my heart. to see my god, christ i know him.

this go around i have tried to understand that my anger will well up and i'll get pissed at the smallest of details. so i have found that this acknowledgement of my sin is the first step to repentence and healing. i really really want the healing to begin. always.

i must say that in all of this blog world you see a strength amass. i see people expressing themselves in these tedious ways that speak so clearly that we are incredible, that we humans have the power with god to mend not only our craft, not only a homes, but our neighborhoods and our larger communities. at different times i have caught wind of a "scrapbooking" superiority conflict, but it is rare and unfounded. i see sharing of ideas and product that goes beyond selfish gain and fortitude. i see the building up of women in all ways. so with that said i'd like to honor with my words my dearest friend kate. her art is a true inspiration that deserves full attention.

i spent the weekend with her in marietta/cartersville at the 34/84fest. i thought prior to going down there that she's have success. i believed that she would and that god would bless her with a monumental affirmation of her gift. sure enough this woman brought god the glory by getting the best of show. she was fairly discouraged about all of the prep going into the fest and even the buying response last year may have tainted her feelings but in god we sat at the tent waiting on the people he wanted to see her work. that is all we had to do. trust him to bring the right people. and he did. the judge/juror who gave her the prize!!!

anyway, if you are out there thinking i am crazy for expressing all this about god and stuff, i'd like to be the first to annouce my craziness and the fact that i am not afraid of this sort of crazy. it is a peaceful feeling, looking forward without fear. without trepidation! we are all waiting, those who are not believers and those who are. waiting waiting waiting for that day. oh how i am looking forward to just tonight and spending it with my dear friends and family.


bird for bird

have a wonderful weekend. peace and love. crafty goodness and inspiration!


a-version of beauty

i was entirely inspired by the beautiful blobs by katie w. knutson. so today i decided to work a little bit of my own super power paintshop magic. for as lame as paintshop can be, it blends fairly well. the simplicity of the program might limit one, but i find it freeing. i don't have to think a whole lot about the product or the method.

in my other art work i tend to be consumed by and in the process. when my work is viewed, people usually ask me what it means or what it represents. the collage especially has images that may or may not symbolize something to someone else. i typically use an image for the sake of the color or the sake of the lines or shape in the image. i do not know what i would do without my ability to be creative. it is my life, my namesake, the highest privilege. i am not really an avid out of doors person. i used to play soccer and rollerblade, but i wouldn't call myself a treehugger. but i do do do love the trees/blobs. i love painting and collaging birds and fish too. these things have nice lines, nice space and shapes around them.

i made popcorn cake this morning for work, it was happy warm chili day. i got a massive bag of m&m's, a jumbo bag of marshmellow's, a canister of peanuts and popcorn. the cake that really isn't a cake was a workforce snack hit. the cool thing is that when i was a kid, my mom did not want my brother's and i to trick or treat. there were several other family friends who would gather with us to celebrate the fall season. mrs. h used to make the so called popcorn cake for us, for the party. i used to make it with microwave popcorn, but it isn't near as good. i don't know if it is a common little snack, but the girls here don't seem to have heard of it before.

the rest of the week looks slightly less stressful. less coworkers to deal with tomorrow and i'm not working friday at the practice. i am going to be at the rx friday night, leaving out to atlanta saturday morning. there should be fun show at ziggy's on friday night.

from atlanta, the CARRY- ONS (www.myspace.com/thecarryons) punk/ska and chattanooga,

DRUNK MAN DANCING (www.drunkmandancing.com) punk/drunk and chattanooga,

CIRCUIT BREAKERS (www.circuitbreakers.co.nr) gabber/hip-hop performing live this

FrIdAy -- OCTOBER 14TH @ Ziggys (607 cherokee blvd. chattanooga, Tn) 9:00 pm 18+up 5 bucks poster file attached~~ brought to you by At The Break


finding the fever

i can feel it coming in the air. a crisp collective. apples and their tender sipped ciders, bouncing bobbing, dunking and pie. warm wool, shades of red, orange and yellow. creamy soup and deep sleep naps. it is an ache i wish for all year long. i only wish the change was drastic, more noticeable. the shifts in season are barely there.

i'd like to have a halloween party, i will have to work my weekend at the rx. there ought to be something festive though, for me to do. i have to say i am very excited about teaching myself to knit over the last few days. i have collected yarn and needles. a book of course on the casting/knitting/purl. basics you know. once i got the hang of it, the idea is simple. my only confusion at this point is, knowing which yarn to use with which needle's. ooo. i went to the yarn store several months ago and bought some of that nice woolie stuff. i think i've got get the hang of it and then i can make something. um?

i want to decorate a pumpkin and collect dried leaves. i hope the color in cartersville is as pretty as i think it was last year. the air was chilled and kate and i spent the last evening up in the old train depot, eating bbq, drinking wine and listening to a dulchimer player-synthstyle.

last but not least i wanted to draw your attention again to ART:21. finally a collage artist. arturo herrera check it out dude! one of the cool things about this guy is that he takes detailed photos of his collage and then developes and grids the fotos. i also have noticed a huge trend within the artist interviews. drawing drawing drawing.

have any of you ever drawn a tattoo for a flashcard or have any of you ever negogiated sold a flashsheet to a tattoo shop? just curious.


responsible waking

it is wednesday again. once a week, wednesdays come and go. humpity humpity hump. so with that here are the things i mostly enjoy looking at weekly, sometimes daily.

mule magazine


tobi wood designs

snow & graham


the art and artist: futura


i miss my friend kate. i miss my friend sara c. i watch the doctor's pass my hallway window talking of this diagnosis and that prognosis. i sit in my car to catch a breath of fresh hot air and listen as npr's voice, plays out physician assisted suicide. i think to myself of the condition of this world, because i have no personal family condition. i have no personal foul. no hang up, s-curves or detours. the amount of over medicated humans in this country this state. the percentage of teen sex. the webs we weave. i have to pay rent, i'll wait until the ninteenth when my car payment is due to pay it. my friend is moving to suck creek to the river. with a view of something more than the city. i am ready for a neighborhood with sidewalks. if i had a choice between being deaf or blind. i would chose the loss of hearing. i want to learn to sign-bilingually speaking. bilingually signing. universal and japanese. i won't be shooting for 4 Bridges this year. the deadline is october 14 and it must be made digitally. what the hell is that about. to big for it's bridges. no room for the measley starving f-artist. although i am far from starving.

i continue to weigh myself each wednesday. i have not lost but i suppose half of a pound. big dealio, right? i have my bike, but i need a spare tire or two. i also need a boy to fix it for me. i do not want to work on it. so i am off for today, got twenty more minutes to write up a whole big old deposit.


double helix

yeah i am back at the workforce after a nice two day off from the rx weekend. i can't say i accomplished much. i did have to work friday night, came home and watched ART:21 at eleven p.m. stayed up late writing, my grandparents and kate knutson. saturday my mom called me and asked me to go out with her. we ended up hitting up blueskies. i was happy to get a gift for my aunt cathy for her birthday. a miniature gnome!!!! so so excited. now i am looking, searching the www for the little doe/dear someone took a foto of and put on their blog, the gnome was made by the same company. okay so i could not find the company, but i will show you the deer/doe i saw at blueskies with the gnome. see here at two rabbits. i thought it was something like dexterbooks...oh well.

i bought a nice little felted wool pouch to go along with my felt wool purse from nepal. 100% woollen felt made by angel of orphans??? i am not quite sure. it's an autumn thing is suppose. i cannot deal with the scratch any other time of the year, but come fall, i'm all about the itch under the arm. the cutest purse ever must come out of the closet. i am doing a whole hell of a lot better. i am not working tonight or wednesday night at the rx, so i'll have a little bit of a break. i have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks.

first and foremost the 34/84 fest in cartersville with ole girl kate knutson. i cannot cannot wait. i had so much fun last year. i'll mos def have to get my act together in two thousand six and be apart of some of these dang art thingy's. i just have got to do this second job thing for a little bit longer or at least the amount of hours for a little bit longer.

i am also looking forward to jen kring moving back to the area with a baby girl in the tummy. lavendar zoe is well on her way and she'll be here in february. i just can't wait for that bit o' joy.

i need to buy more canvas and i am trying to think of a way that i can send lu the book i'm working on but also get a copy. for myself, for future use. i'd rather not try kinko's the old school printing ways. i haven't been working on the apron thing just not into it right now. but i did see the tie one on theme this past month was dish towels, that's cool, cuz that's what i was already doing.

my double helix your double helix our double helix.