finding the fever

i can feel it coming in the air. a crisp collective. apples and their tender sipped ciders, bouncing bobbing, dunking and pie. warm wool, shades of red, orange and yellow. creamy soup and deep sleep naps. it is an ache i wish for all year long. i only wish the change was drastic, more noticeable. the shifts in season are barely there.

i'd like to have a halloween party, i will have to work my weekend at the rx. there ought to be something festive though, for me to do. i have to say i am very excited about teaching myself to knit over the last few days. i have collected yarn and needles. a book of course on the casting/knitting/purl. basics you know. once i got the hang of it, the idea is simple. my only confusion at this point is, knowing which yarn to use with which needle's. ooo. i went to the yarn store several months ago and bought some of that nice woolie stuff. i think i've got get the hang of it and then i can make something. um?

i want to decorate a pumpkin and collect dried leaves. i hope the color in cartersville is as pretty as i think it was last year. the air was chilled and kate and i spent the last evening up in the old train depot, eating bbq, drinking wine and listening to a dulchimer player-synthstyle.

last but not least i wanted to draw your attention again to ART:21. finally a collage artist. arturo herrera check it out dude! one of the cool things about this guy is that he takes detailed photos of his collage and then developes and grids the fotos. i also have noticed a huge trend within the artist interviews. drawing drawing drawing.

have any of you ever drawn a tattoo for a flashcard or have any of you ever negogiated sold a flashsheet to a tattoo shop? just curious.

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