making someone $$$

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

thanks to molly i can now ponder the worth of phantomcrimes. i suppose it is interesting, knowing this random bit of information. where is the money, who is making the money, because i am surely not. i did a random check on kate's blog and her's came up with $0 (zero denero). why the difference? is it because i do a whole bunch of random linkage. i thought kate linked more than me. i'll leave the research up to you.

in better news, my nana is doing better. or at least we know now a little bit more of what is going on with her. she has developed a blood clot in her lung and they began giving her heparin to thin it. once they are able to stabilize her, they will continue with tests, inorder to find out what is going on. i was sad yesterday thinking of nana ann all alone in her hospital bed, but my mom has been with her the last three days. next week we are going to have to share the responsibility of seeing that she is not alone. i hope to be able to see her soon. btw, nana is on the right. i took this photo while we were up in new jersey packing her up to move her here to chattanooga. i have been praying that she will not feel alone or scared.

i wanted to drive your eyes and keep them busy throughout the weekend. a couple of posts ago i put a pic from lovelydesign, i happened to be here (thanks chicadecanela!!!(at least i think:B)) and found i needed to do a little shopping. i haven't gotten my splurge yet, but i'll take photos when i get the nice stuff in the mail.

just today i found this beautiful site REFLEKTORIUM through someone else's site, so sorry just cannot remember.

i have been looking at this tiny toys on kidrobot with my friend m.b. we actually pulled some change together a bought a couple each. stupid? i dunno. but i think i'm interested for sure.

i hope the weekend goes alright. i am looking forward to some major art/craft time. pray that i get that time. i'll need. plus fun fall party at aunt cathy's. yeah yeah yeah! i'll work tonight and that's it.

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katiek said...

I think the money blog thing is focused on blogger people! whatta scam dude! Glad to hear your nana is ok. and, uh, I dunno what to think about that scary looking doll. our taste differs here I think.