responsible waking

it is wednesday again. once a week, wednesdays come and go. humpity humpity hump. so with that here are the things i mostly enjoy looking at weekly, sometimes daily.

mule magazine


tobi wood designs

snow & graham


the art and artist: futura


i miss my friend kate. i miss my friend sara c. i watch the doctor's pass my hallway window talking of this diagnosis and that prognosis. i sit in my car to catch a breath of fresh hot air and listen as npr's voice, plays out physician assisted suicide. i think to myself of the condition of this world, because i have no personal family condition. i have no personal foul. no hang up, s-curves or detours. the amount of over medicated humans in this country this state. the percentage of teen sex. the webs we weave. i have to pay rent, i'll wait until the ninteenth when my car payment is due to pay it. my friend is moving to suck creek to the river. with a view of something more than the city. i am ready for a neighborhood with sidewalks. if i had a choice between being deaf or blind. i would chose the loss of hearing. i want to learn to sign-bilingually speaking. bilingually signing. universal and japanese. i won't be shooting for 4 Bridges this year. the deadline is october 14 and it must be made digitally. what the hell is that about. to big for it's bridges. no room for the measley starving f-artist. although i am far from starving.

i continue to weigh myself each wednesday. i have not lost but i suppose half of a pound. big dealio, right? i have my bike, but i need a spare tire or two. i also need a boy to fix it for me. i do not want to work on it. so i am off for today, got twenty more minutes to write up a whole big old deposit.


the kate said...

I'm coming up to Chatt today. I'll call you.

kate again said...

nevermind traffic was a bear. Sunday?