week end wages

my eyelids are heavy my weekend wage amounts to exhaustion and a great temptation to sleep. all i must do is get through today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night and then i'll have two nice evenings off. then friday evening work, and the whole weekend off. it maybe stupid for me to be thinking of this coming weekend already. it is just that i had a blast this past friday night. out and about. feeling somewhat normal again with a social life. i tend to forget i am human and not just a machine. i tend to forget about what i am looking for. i tend to forget the weather is even changing, turning from summer to fall. which reminds me, when in cartersville with fam knutson i spent the majority of my time with josiah. it is amazing how at age two and half he has begun to sing and remember songs. so i simply love ella fitzgerald's "i love paris." so i taught josiah the song and it fit with our walks around the fest.

i got this roll of film developed "matte" finish style. i had fotos of gulf shores, hilton head, savannah and the cartersville weekend. while in savannah we went to several places, ate at vinnie van gogo's . yum and more yum. but the most important thing about my visit there was this beautiful skirt. the color and design are up my collage book alley. way to go!

this here is my favorite guy. and as soon as a get some more art moooolah, molah specifically for canvas. i'll be giving this foto a run for it's money. i'd like to do another portrait of him. so photogenic and the nice white concrete wall behind him is perfect. what is it about him? man i'm still glad i have my thrityfive mL camera. there is black smudges somewhere there in side the frame/lenses, which i've tried to clean. but i am fortunate that the smudges don't screw with the photos.

kate's exhibit opening went really well from my perspective. this is actually what she had to say about the evening. i do not feel it necessary to reiterate. only to say and concur that i believe in the success of the hollis gallery and kate as well. afterward we went to the meeting place and ate some yummy food, i had salmon and a nice wine-j.m's choice, mind you. from there j. and i went to the pickle barrel. all that i can say is that the weather made the whole evening! i could actually say a whole lot more, but i'll refrain for now.

i actually too, wanted to mention that my coworker amp became pregnant after 6 years of trying-fertility and the works. over the weekend she miscarried. coming into work this morning was a really courageous thing for her to do, but she is going to need a whole lot of prayer, strength and comfort. if you think of it and feel like praying for her, god will shed his love upon her and her husband, but the more prayer the better, you know?

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katiek said...

That's so sad about your co-worker. I know you had mixed feeling about the issue, but any life being lost is very sorrowful.

I love the picture of my boy! He's so photogenic! I am so trigger happy around him. I love his Healthtex retro shirt. Whatta find!

So y'all went back to the Pickel Barrell huh? Umm how's that?