no waste wednesday

i am just going to start you off here:

1. Plastica has these great never before seen
pigeon lamps. just wish that ikea put some-
thing out that is comparible.
2. pr1mary space feature artist anna cangialosi. i have made you look before but it's a must see if you are totally in love with all things bird/owls.

3. i cannot remember where i first saw this, i cannot give credit. but man showing and telling is
the way here. i cannot stop looking at some of these great works by some very great artists.
i guess you could use this place to have your art work printed and sold. this might be an
alternative for me at some point, very very very soon. check it: blaugallery. i have too
favorites to mention.

4. tobi wood designs

5. some very cool purses for those of us who aren't sewing as well as some you brillant others.
they even have some very interesting warhol things. i especially like the parcel purses. see
shop loop.

five cool things for you to check out. today it's framewright and possibly a good meal out or something. i weighed in for the first time yesterday sense feb 14. and i've lost 3 and a half pounds. did i already mention that in yesterdays post? don't think so. but ah. i'm thinking new bathing suit. i walked last night, but i'm going to have to continue the doubling of the 13 flights of stairs.

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aunty c said...

i love the pigeon lamps and love you even more! keep moving forward cathy, on the treadmill and in your life.