no waste green

you might think i am crazy. just because i am digging like many of you through your old photos for monochromatic-coordinated color schemed day pics. this on isn't necessarily a nice shot, but you get the idea. cilantro is a favorite, herb added to just about anything if i could or cooked more often than i do. i mostly just use it in my salsa & guacamole! yum

sewing paint chips together on my europro sewing machine was a bit of a hassle but it worked out really well. if i must say so myself. i was fortunate to have these bright green chips from wally world to add to the sewn landscape. i just adore paint chips anyway, we're so blessed to have all the many shades of green to pick from. i just remembered that one of my best friend's last name used to be green, before she got married. she's going to be on my list today too. even if she's not exactly the color:)

here is a photo of my favorite green...i took this photo of her little league baseball card. it's a bit of a blur but the girl was serious, seriously cute. i actually talked with her last night (tuesday) on the phone and she told me that i could make an annoucement for her. last month i mentioned that my best friends were both debuting their new domains, jenn's is finally up and you must go see, right now!!!

i haven't posted a great amount of no waste wednesday linkage in sometime and i wanted to do that. i also should finsh the meme. i think it is time for spring cleaning and yard sales, replace the old with new. i haven't had much time to look around but i found this through someone else's blog and it just beautiful. i'd like my home to be adorned with cath kidston things anyday.

you've probably seen this site before too, but here's your second chance to link and save as a favorite. check out doe. when i start shopping online i end up looking at where the homebase is for these places, i think i'll end up moving to san francisco or portland. my dream would be to open a shop of my own someday. would that be fun or what? i really appreciated lisa's bit on pricing artwork there at whip up. but let's move on.

i don't remember where i got this link but heck it seems so neat. wishingfish.

this might just be my favorite see it here and beware of having your eyes come out of your head and your jaw drop to your knees.

well i have got to get back to work...i'll have to post the rest of color thursay and meme later on this evening or something...owell:(

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andrea said...

totally in love with the paint chip piece... a bananas kind of love, really.