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i have been exploring and absurbing the www. don't you just love it? especially when you've got the time to delve and dig around. well honestly i bought a few magazines and now i'm just linking it up. check out the hot new summer products. the red getaway tote from BUILT isn't something i think i'd ever use only because it's a cooler, ah cooler. call me crazy but i'd carry this roundy as a purse. i think it'd make a great belated mother's day gift only because all of you out there write about your purse contents and it always includes perishables, right? so whathahec? i worked this weekend and draggled any free time away. i finally ordered a new bathing suit from llbean. my mom so kindly measured me and i've come out of the wash, kinda shrunk!!! it's official i've dropped from a size 16 to a brand new size 10. i'm not the same girl and who knew it'd be this satisfying!!! thanks to the ever encouraging words of the mom person, kate and awh matt. yes maybe it all started with the biggest loser and matt, but i'm pleased at least i'm keeping the weight off. walking helps too, so maybe i'm a little responsible for the success! "pat on the back"

on to fresh citrus-E, flora and fish-E things from dermond peterson design. they're simple monochromatic designs are a big hit with me. it is all a hugely expensive bit, but i know all you out there doing the freezer paper stencils might just find some INSPIRATION (hint hint kate!) i haven't seen anyone try out the fruit n' floral thing yet, maybe that idea is dried up, whoknows? i love the idea of yellow! see lemonade stand theme crossing the globe for summer...

i never feel like i miss out a whole lot. i generally, generally feel like apart of the creative community, but when i come across a cool creative corner of the spyderweb i'm totally blundered, bowled over with awe. the polka dot life is just one example of how one might be walking down the street and then the most amazing store window appears upon the horizon! whaalaa! beauty overwhelmingly love applys! take a looksee, i really like the pockiebooks, and sweet bookplates. just a fiend for bookplates. i'm kinda like ellia with my books although i'm not as organized. i like having my books displayed by color and size.

i only have a few more things to add...

1. who knows who dan robbins is? anyone? well, um he's featured in one of the mag's i purchased...think paint by number!!! anyway he's got a website and you all might just be thrilled like me to get in on the viewing capabilities. danrobbinspaintbynumbersguru.com


see the cute purse

2. alicia lachance
look at her art girls! especially the green on the second page. can you believe it?

anyway i'm off, just thought i spend sometime catching you all up on the fine work of others out there.

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andrea said...

I would so carry that bag as a purse.