self portrait challenge

i am currently stuffing my face, in a completely inappropriate manner. (vegan style mind you) primarily do to the fact that i only had a small bowl of strawberries for breakfast and i walked my three mile erlanger medical center and csas diameter without snacking before hand. i develop these slight blisters everyday at the ball of my big toe, that slowly disappear throughout the day. and as soon as i get back the tiny desk fan goes on and i spend the rest of my day freezing after a hard hoggish sweat. today is the beginning of a brand spankin new day at self portrait challenge and so i've got to start off with a sprint to the "beginning." i took this s.p. many years ago and still like the blurry redness of it. i don't know about you? but i suppose brushing ones teeth can be a small intimacy that we aren't sure we want to share with others. i've been living alone for the last four, almost five years and i know i brush my teeth rather, very loudly. i have a big full mouth of teeth that stretch back to all four of my wisdom teeth. i refuse to have them surgically pulled/removed, considering i've got plenty of room back there for them and they're not rotting or bothering any of the other teeth or me for that matter. more about what i have vs. what i haven't got. i don't have any pets. but if i did i'd want another bird, yes another bird. i didn't mind the mess or the continuous chirp chirp chirping. i am not exactly fond of cats and marvel, eyes and mouth agog at great people a.k.a lisa for having two little animals (marg. and barry). i like dogs and could see myself with an aussie one day, but i'm not supposed to have pets in my apt. let's see...this time in my life...i am working more now than i have ever in my entire life. as you all know i work my nine to five here at the oncology office. i do insurance and billing and i like it all most of the time. the month of march and april have been stressful for me. cancer treatments are so expensive and insurance companies are generally stingy. you know insurance companies tell their employess that doctor's are always trying to cheat and fraud their way into getting more money. so insurance companies tend to deny/non payment of most everything. if you've got insurance problems i'm sorry, it pays to know what's happening with your health insurance.

i also work part time as a shift at cvs pharmacy. woohoo. okay and i drive a black nissan sentra that only has 33 thousand miles on it. i usually go down to gulf shores every summer with my nine to five office coworkers. um i have never been married and i have no children. my mom and dad started out at ninteen and had me, their firstborn at twenty one, my dad sold his soul and worked three jobs to support our fam for a while. my brothers came along and my mom and dad were twenty five with three kids, yikes. here i am at thirty with half the responsibilities they had. i went to school kindergarten through twelve to the same school, private christian school. i'm gonna quit here, just wanna get this posted.

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Toryssa said...

I went to private christian schools, too. Only the first one ended at 8th grade so I went on to another one that was just a high school.

I cried and cried when I got my wisdom teeth out. I hate the very idea of having perfectly fine teeth pulled. What happens when I'm old and I NEED them? What then?!