thursday love

i keep forgetting about thursday love except...camilla reminds me of how much i do love a good bird. her favorite it seems is a crow, cawcawcaw! i picked these birds out off a target shelf many many months ago. they lay atop my retro microwave that actually has a metal plate in it that one places they're food or beverage on to heat. odd, you have to see it to believe it, due to the fact that we're told metal in microwaves are a nono! i bought the nice vintage kitchen tray at an antique store on good ole rossville blvd almost five years ago. it was a "must-have!" my mom has a matching one.

so i do love and i am catching up on rachel salomon work. i adore the color orange and wish for blue skies everyday with hints of ped...

i couldn't finish see friday's post.

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