who's a busy bee? & new painting!!!

i didn't exactly finsh posting yesterday. i tend to get bored in the midst of writing, often it seems so tedious and i'd rather just waste your time and post a bunch of links. i've also been complaining, whining, moaning the friction, sandpaper strees of my poor cat life. it's not worthy of the words i type, erase, retype and publish.

seemingly as if like yesterday...i was in the dentist's office lobby writing hannah a note, waiting to be called back. we'd been corresponding for sometime and were beginning a nice little bloggie palship, so when i was called up, shown to the room; i without thinking twice, mid sentence sealed the envelope up and sent the note to hannah regardless. a few weeks later she emailed me mentioning she'd recieved my note but the writing had fall off with mystery. i had no idea i'd done such a penpal "no-no" and felt she'd think i was slightly off kilter, but since we've moved along quite well. so as you might understand, i do tend to leave all thought up in the air so to speak.

just because i am struggling with thoughts in my own head about various disorders, malfunctions and misfortune, doesn't mean that the people i often write about are doing as badly as, i with tiny eyes (graceless) see or should even fray about in my writing here. one day i'll have to sit and decide where this blog should go, should it exist as a space to bemoan the poor in heart(myself) or boast the craftywise and painterly success (joy) i have. in the mean (between) time i have a boundless amount to be thankful for. i have been given a gift, i know it, cannot help it. i am really happy with my newest creation, the freezing tree. i am a little insane, touching it all up last night even after putting up in my etsy shop, please go and see here and here. last night i stayed up way too late and painted, even started on a second tree, same size, same style and everything. to be honest, if i don't sell freezing tree on etsy, i'm taken it to tina at blueskies. i may take the painting down there anyway, when i take a stack o' cards to sell. i'm real close, real real close to having my cards ready. including: a personalized stamp. i have lapsed on getting a hi-fi printing company to print my cards, why not just a stamp?

this weekend is chalked full, i mean really full of events. shopping and baking for mother's day. a going away party for the perkins @ the kring-green estate in the great chickamauga out o doors. sunday with family, and sometime i'd like to paint more and organize my compilations for the vintage love swap, walk with matt, hit up blueskies, et cetera-oh and scan my book and work on it in photoshop. sheezamheez! i'll be exhausted. there is still love even though it's friday see my beautiful stacks fo melamine below.

tomorrow look out for a post too, and ode to my beautiful mom and my favorite little boy josiah!!!

i may even have updated pics of freezing tree.


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ellia said...

your painting is absolutely beautiful!!!!