my week in color: blue and red 101

"my carpet is an ashtray." there are thoughts and words, and phrases that have just the right amount of letters, syllables, vowels or consanants that they sound ridiculously right. i was miserably unmotivated and so neglected my blue and red. so in my experience with color this week i thought it'd be excusable to combine these very complementary colors. you may ask, what would we do without our blues and reds. it's about the same as aqua blue and brown. the perfect match.

just think we'd be without so much that drives controversy in this country. i mean what do these colors represent? for instance any debates regarding our country's flag, so brightly blue and raging red. wherein southern states consider the rebel flag (it has red and blue in it) to be so very acceptable and prominently placed, causing giant issues that i won't go into nor express an opinion. we have controversy over whether or not our country's red and blue flag should be flown half mass for those men and women who've lost there lives in the last three years of our "winning the war on terrorism." after all soldiers lives have never been so honored in any of the country's previous wars. and what about our country's political hemispheres. we are now are the divided states of blue and red. how wonderful, a color that represents my political affiliation. why aren't they pink and baby blue, i wonder?

it is amazing to me how much a color begins to represent something, our favorite sports teams, our insatiable desire for soft drinks, logos and brands have their own copywrited color. i thought it brillant when starting the week out in white, only because white is the absense of color, that's why i was quick to define it. it's a pure and pigment free, right? here i am at the end of my week in color and i might've actually learned something about myself, others and our views on color.

phillip and katie were too kind to rid me of once my fussball table. i was so proud of it for a short while. because of the color, because it was almost like a piece of art. and because of the very photo like above. and before i was shooting with the dinocam so all was blazing bright. the picture below is a favored one, because my miniature red bicycle. via jen. on to other things because i'm now tired of writing about blue and red. i have no more knowledge of the matter. but i do know this, i received the sweetest package from my dear bestest friend kate yesterday!!! i have to big up it here only because the freezer paper stencil shirt is the ka boom! pic to come!!! thank you sweet girl. sincerely. and for you hannah and agnes my packages have finally left the scenic city and are now heading your way! keep the eyes peeled.

i have to work this weekend so it is no play for me. i hopefully will have fresh batch of pictures come monday. although matt informed me that all my recent pics were erased from my camera, oh well, oops! and thanks for the greatest comments. did i mention that i've got a comment moderation thingy on now, so no more trashtalk! and i've brought my archives back so...

outta here have a good weekend i'll be back on monday i suppose.

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andrea said...

oh yes, great post. amazing to me how much color inspires... such a seemingly simple thing, color.