my week in color: white 101

white ( P ) Pronunciation Key (hwt, wt)n.
The achromatic color of maximum lightness; the color of objects that reflect nearly all light of all visible wavelengths; the complement or antagonist of black, the other extreme of the neutral gray series. Although typically a response to maximum stimulation of the retina, the perception of white appears always to depend on contrast.
The white or nearly white part, as:
The albumen of an egg.
The white part of an eyeball.
A blank unprinted area, as of an advertisement.
One that is white or nearly white, as:
whites White trousers or a white outfit of a special nature: tennis whites.
whites The white dress uniform of the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard.
A white wine.
A white pigment.
A white breed, species, or variety of animal.
Products of a white color, such as flour, salt, and sugar. Often used in the plural.
The white or light-colored pieces, as in chess.
The player using these pieces.

The outermost ring of an archery target.
A hit in this ring.

whites Pathology. Leukorrhea.
A politically ultraconservative or reactionary person.

all i had in my stash was this meager photo of an onion for my first day of the week color week color. you may laugh now. but i thought i would turn the tables, tinker tips on tastebuds and tears, or something along those lines. at one point i took a slew of photos while making a batch of salsa. there's no doubt you have already heard my onion tip, but for those of you who don't know...if your eyes are sensitive to the vapors given off my onions, try sticking that onion in the freezer for at least 10 minutes before you go to chop it up. it works, i mean works better than a candle. i love onions in my salad, chili, soup, sandwich, salsa and guacamole. humum!!!

i had a nice weekend off. caught up on much needed sleep. did laundry, punch holes in cards, finished reading one book and started the curious incident. i wouldn't be much of a book critic...and have you heard of this? and did you happen to catch charles osgood yesterday morning? come on guys...check out her beautiful memorable work. you can't tell me we aren't still being influenced by this woman's handiwork...

DESIGN: Eva Zeisel, 99 years old and still working, is considered one of the most important industrial designers living today. You may not have heard of her, but you have probably seen and used her curvy creations. Her tea service, dinner plates and serving bowls have graced tables around the world for more than half a century. A retrospective of her work is now traveling the country.

i'm outta here.

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