no place like home

in the midst of a storm there's no place i'd rather be than in my second floor apartment. where the smaller younger trees blow bending below me, nearly beside me. there are rare moments when i'm at actually at home and simultaneously have the thought to snap photos. i have a feeling most people are like me, carrying a digicam around has to become apart of your life support inorder to get the sweet experiences, mostly memorable, instead of kick yourself type pictures. i'm not sure i remember how our conversation began but a friend, a new friend at that told me that she has a bucket or basket filled with undeveloped film. neglected rolls of undeveloped film may just be a global issue, who knows? don't feel too bad, you're saving money and she spoke of the delight at not knowing what will come out. i too have one roll of film in my manual from last year, lonely and waiting to be finished up.

i know i'm getting my money's worth from the digicam only because yesterday was the first day i got to see matt skratch, matt skratch? yeah seriously. you know, early on i joked about being a dj because i was terribly inspired. i have always been intrigued by the culture, spirit, genre, and characters of the scene. it's like the grafwriters and underground hiphop people, those truly under the hill. mind you, not over the hill as in being 40 years old...blahdeblah. i suppose i won't say much more about that.

this weekend i am off and i must finish some paintings. i am looking forward to sleeping in, drifting in my daydreams, finishing 'me talk pretty one day.' starting angels and demons. sewing some graph paper for my next family tree collage idea. i often feel like i have the opposite problem of most people. i can come up with an project idea in a snap, having the motivation. we shall see.


katiek said...

your weekend sounds loverly! I wish mine was that productive and self-gratifying. I've got to put in more time with the in-laws. I was hoping to have a toyota previa by tonight but money situations have changed til next week. I got your package, so nice! I have things to get to you from Cali, and you shouldn't have to wait for them!

Aunt C said...

i know what you mean about undeveloped film.years ago we din't have money to get the pics done so we saved all the rolls in a plastic bag in the fridge and one day we took 22 rolls to get done.some of the rolls were 3 years old and it was so much fun to see tim and katie in those pictures.it was an odd feeling as it felt like we had somehow preserved them for a while. hope you can come to celebrate cousin E's bday.

andrea said...

took a couple of rolls in. just talking about it got me to thinking about it and what a delight it was to pick that film up.

slowly, I chip away at the mountain of film.