thursday: bnl

yeah yeah yeah! my www world has become quite chaotic as of late and there's no real concrete explaination. i haven't wanted to blog at all but who can resist andrea's second week of color. i apologize to those of you on the receiving end of my postcard swap, nothing has been sent out. i haven't gotten any postcards either, so. i don't think any of you read phantomcrimes anyway, so i'm sorry thin air. my cards are handmade color printed with a nice long message on them from your's truly, so um i suppose the wait will have to be worth. so sorry to be such a snob today. i'm feeling quite how might you say? wishing it were the weekend. i sent my packages off last week sometime and i'm happy that both kate and hannah got theirs. i have sent a package to agnes too but we're still waiting for it to get to poland. i'm excited now, because she knows it's coming her way and just a few hours ago she wasn't aware of the fact that i was sending her something. it's all because of a vintage love swap mishap that has turned into something delightful for all!!!

oh how do you love my up out of the vaults collage for black and white day. i still have this piece
work so hard and cannot seem to get rid of it. oh i know it's not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing collage but well um it's small and mostly colorful. and it is framed...

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nichola said...

I look forward to receiving your postcard. Mine will be on it's way to you tomorrow.
Happy crafting!