bitter water & other

***you may think i'm not making anything or that little progress has been made, but the reality is quite the contrary. i am taking a brief break from the r0b0t, paper quilt collage, and paint-markers to advance upon my bitter water-posturing/pretending tree. i've taken so much time with this painting, enjoying every minute of it really. i usually work between several projects anyway. it's not so much attention defecit, as the balance between paper and paint. i love both in very specific ways but can't always combine them to create a successful piece. so it's back to the bitter water. painting, for me takes a little bit more concentration as well and i'm focused on the line quality in this piece. i'm really going for the style/refined imagery. plus the background has to be just right, perfect. and i'm not always satisfied with my initial ideas. for instance i wasn't sure if the water was going to work, but i'm pleased and won't turn back now. once the water stage is completed i plan on "bubbles" and some sort of sunny-orange, red and yellow behind the tree branches. in the end i think the canvas will be completely covered. i also plan to experiment with more of my sanding technique and hope the underpainting parts(initial yellow) will appear. cross your fingers.

in other art-e news, i began the process of reinventing the bicycle painting i once was working on. i did get tired of the yellow bike and have got this incredible stash of old movie stubs, japanese receipts, and stamps of james dean, and pieces of twenty bucks. i finally made the move, really i thought i had more movie stubs, i think they've been packed away for safe keeping. my next tree-the umbrella tree. so keep your eyes out.

i'm so excited about this new process of making collage with modpodge and then painting over it. the poison tree has been my first success with this process so again cross those fingers.

i plan to keep you all informed as i continue to make and create.

i wanted to share this one other little snippet. just the other day i was listening to npr and a beautiful sounding musician was being interviewed. at the end of the segment she was asked to sing, her husband and sweet baby daughter sang along with her. it was absolutely delightful, it's a must listen. here it is: you are my little bird. also if you're out there and as interested in great emerging artists, go see kate's art. it'll be gone before you know it. the rest of my week looks good, hoping to see my dear friends this coming weekend. peace.


katiek said...

I love the way your bitter tree is coming together! your tedious work is worth it!

I LOVE that artist on NPR. I might have to get her album. I'm always starved for good kids music. Dan Zanes baby!!

thanks for the props, I hope I sell more!

ellia said...

as always, your artwork is stunning! and beautiful!!! have you considered writing a book?! you have the talent! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the bitter tree, The detail is amazing. Keep doing your art. Keep practicing your art. Keep at it, honey. It is bearing fruit.
I love you,

erin scissorhands said...

i love the detail in this :)