last night i took a break from the mailorder halloween decor projects to work on the pretending tree. as far as i can tell i'm getting closer to finishing it and feeling fairly good about the progress. i stayed up too late trying to get the very best photo, only to be disappointed and in the dark (literally, because it was indeed night time) about the lack of good daylight. i felt myself slipping into the black abyss of meaningless photo shooting. anyway this is what i've got along with a few more to go along with my efforts at or in my flickr account. feel free to comment. i'm looking for that constructive crit.


ellia said...

what is there to critique?? i think your work is forever awesome!!! and is that your neck too?!! a pretty neck :)

btw, what do you mean by mailorder halloween decor? are you making stuff or is it a job? it sounds neat!! and again, your work is wonderful!!! are you considering prints for cards?! they'd make beautiful cards too :)

andrea said...

I love this photo of you and your work. so personal, so vulnerable... which makes it so beautiful to me.