heart i choke

after all of this and that, i am back to phantomcrimes, refreshed, thankful, and more than ready to get things going, finished, and sent. i've got my work cut out for me.

everything with my family, on thursday morning-noon went really nicely. i decided that i wasn't going to get stressed out or unnerved about one thing, anything. the breakfast cassarole was easy and delicious! mmm! mom made the very best carmalized french toast ever, and the fruit tarts from rembrandt's were delightful. my apartment was as clean as i could get it, without washing my curtains or dusting my baseboards. i barely even mopped the kitchen floor, but it was alright. the sunlight was perfect and our family walk around the block was a unprecedented pleasure. considering it was a warm day and we needed the circulation after such a calorie rich meal.

i'll update more tomorrow or the next day...

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