thrilled to moo!

they came in the mail the day before yesterday! it wasn't until last night that i got a chance to sort amoungst them and find a few to share. the moo experience was great, such a learning process it has become, because now i know...some are dark, some are more pixelated than others, some are perfect, some are a little too blurry, some are gorgeous, some are well redundant, some are small treasures that turn my thoughts upside down!!! awh!!! and because i tend to make collage, these add yet another realm to my creative ambition-that is lacking right now-sort of.

i assure you though i've got a plan(s). i actually sat and wrote them all up last night. my christmas 2006 lists: how i love the perfect list. i have decided to make my own christmas cards this year, they will be similar to the postcards i'm going to send out. and i made a list of the people and gifts i'm going to buy for, along with a budget for each and every single one. i made a baking and making list too. this year is going to be the best, i'm already looking forward to resolutions, the new year's goals {laptop, walking everyday, no more smoking, ava membership, personal website, dietary changes, donating more stuff, et cetera}

today i'm putting my christmas wreath up for sale on etsy! i took better photos and would like to sell it, today, tomorrow, before xmas! heck! it's worth every penny! a nice alternative to the tradional wreath...so go shop, browse, find, share, collect and inspire.

yesterday, whilst here at the workforce i spent a good amount of time surfing. i'm looking for and at the alternative art scene in chattnooga. i have always complained about what chattanooga seems to lack in the way of alternative/urban/fringe like artists and/or art. i think i'm finally finding the sorts of things and events i've been looking for and could see myself participating. it's hard work. tomorrow or next week i'll share some of my findings. it's getting too long for today. rainy day.

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jen said...

tell us about the fringy arty things you are findin in our little town, girl!

nice pics btw - :)