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my hours at the rx are being cut back to about twelve per week and so hopefully i'll have a whole lot more to cross off my list. i had to work this weekend and didnt' find as much time to get things finished. i did however finally finish bitter water {pretending/posturing tree}. i had only a few more touches to make. i added some small stamped lettering and a few more touches of white as well as a full coverage of modpodge. i wasn't feeling the "hot" aspect of the painting and so there isn't going to be much more red or orange. maybe next time around. i started tracing out the shapes for my next tree. i have the canvas ready to go, now it's just getting the shapes going. i started a project with the buttons i received from nina last week. not exactly a button wreath. more like a button "ball". doesn't sound cool does it? i also did the doodle, a little drawing of my soon to be nephew caleb. my love for him is growing every day. i cannot wait to see him and meet him. i know that by his first halloween he won't be standing or even walking but i was drawing more from a stream of conscience. nothing as specific. i also went to see 'we are marshall' over the weekend with my dad. umm. i'll have to get back with some sort of review. i enjoy "man-ish" sortof films, football is fun to watch and play, this is a sad very true depiction of this story, and that's it for now.

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