the life of my weekend

saturday morning: 9:11 a.m. before the pickup. took a small daytrip to atlanta (roswell) with jen to the dick blick. happy purchase of gel medium, modpodge, and origami paper.


saturday evening: 7:31 p.m. at the TENshow. highlights included: the large light fixture, graphic design, music by j.d., meeting new friends, seeing my brother at the end.


saturday evening: even later 11:30 p.m. at the pickle barrel: after party. catch up. gathering and reunion. highlights included: seeing old friends, talking with old friends, laughing with old friends. playing with my canon.


sunday morning: early 1:00 a.m. at lamar's: the after after party continues. highlights included: joel's spontaneous dancing, good music, random christmas lights, soft couch, warmth. times with friends.


sunday afternoon: 2:00 p.m. family dinner after time at calvary. highlights included: good vegetarian meal, family love, warm and cozy couch, helpful conversation with suzanne, white kitchen photo opp.

6. WIP


good ole kate said...

I like your sum up and the photos are wonderful. the maker of the paper lantern contacted me via flickr! coolio!

ellia said...

wow, girl, i havent had that kinda weekend in years.... sounds fun and full of happiness... i miss hanging out with people at times but these days, i feel out of place with a big ol belly and a toddler who keeps running up to people and wanting their food as if i dont feed him hahaha.... i went to a gallery showing last weekend and it made me miss getting out of the house and on the artsy side of town... friends can be inspiring, eh? not to say, family isnt great but you know.... cant have both worlds i guess...

you would have fun on the east side of milwaukee... a ton of coffee shops, bars, artsy people, college, coffee (ah i said that, haha) and funky shops.... plus lake michigan is a short distance away... wanna come over?! :D