shape of tree

between the shape of a tree there are planes of color and my imagination. i have begun anew to pick up the old yellow bicycle piece, to recover, recycle, reuse, renew the once started, left behind piece. to pursue the path of yet another tree. i have no earthly idea what will come of this go. all that i have to offer at this point are my shapes, the simple lines, the beehive base of my new tree trunk.

about a week ago i started reading ahab's wife written by sena jeter naslund. i have made my way through it, learning and seeing through Una's {the main character's} eyes and life. i have never read anything by naslund and am interested to know if you, any of my lurking readers, have indeed. it occurs to me now as i write that the last couple of books i have read have been set near or around the water, sea or ocean. sailing and sailors, stars and ships afloating, cold air and winds that take you're breath away and tear at the corners of your eyes. i'm ready for the cold weather and wish it would hurry up and get here. i am more than eager to see the death of a lingering warmth here in the south. i hope so for a snow, a cold bitter snow to kill all of the bad things. i haven't even needed to run my heat and cannot for the life of me imagine living in a warmer climate year round. oh the poor oranges and avocados.

i have been going a bit fluttery about a few things:

1. in love with these lily cards from ISAK

2. sharing my books means: cuckoo bookplates

3. help me! who doesn't need this: owl notepad

in addition: if you are in the area being that of chattanooga, my brother aaron pleasantly informed me that wendell berry will be a speaker with the southern literature conference. mark your calendars!


Anonymous said...

cat cat...
i like the little wooden hexies... makes me think of bumble bees made of oak or somethin...

hey.. i am still plannin a trip to hotlanta to check out the ol' dick blick store on sat.

let me know if you want to ride along and pick up some supplies... would be nice to chat it up with you in tha car!!! let me know wheneva!

like the little caleb pen & ink!!! reminds me of the big fuffy couch drawing from long ago... rememba... smile.

katiek said...

your CRAZY for cutting out all those hexagons! But I know that piece will look cool!