WIP:Blue&Brown Paper Quilt Collage

this morning as i was getting into my car, and my car door attacked me. ouch!!! the corner top of the door cut about a half inch gash at the edge of my left eyebrow. i wish that i could cry real tears and not just the "ooo that hurt, my eyes are watering". when my car hurts me i have a tendency to think it is because i am short, it's a good thing i've got a tiny car. i now have a quarter sized bump, and a bruise is appearing slightly now. i have to believe my day and the rest of the week will only get better.
i worked a really long day on saturday, ten hours at the rx. six on sunday. regardless i managed to find the time to make some progress on the newest blue&brown paper quilt collage. i have yet to finish two drawings, the first, a welcome tree in the bottom right hand corner, and then some more of my "eyeball" flowers in the grey squared square. i spent more time laying the pieces together for this collage. i have thought about what i'd like the viewer to experience or feel. i imagine this piece to be more about building or architecture. even though i use images, like the ballerinas, they don't necessarily mean anything. it is more about where they are placed as well as the form they make up and what relation they have to the other pieces of the collage. for instance their little hands are lined up with the grey square diagonal. a little secret of mine: i think about a spiral and the golden mean. it isn't all random, it is very thought out and precise. really. i should beable to finish the drawings tonight and have the complete quilt with photos tomorrow or the next day.
i off to surf and eat okra.


katiek said...

OUCH! so sorry about the bump! I hope you don't have a throbbing head the rest of today.

Your collage is coming along beautifully. Great Work!!

Mom said...

Hi Sweetie,
I hope your head wound is feeling better. I told you about the time the car door shut on my ear. It was really painful.
Take care and I love you so very much,