i know that i should probably be thinking about green but yellow is still prominently playing in my mind. as i have not even come close to finishing my latest collage. i'm a putz for slowing to a snail's pace. instead of making yellow, i ventured out to play with my friends, tromping around the jefferson heights playground and construction site with k and fam. i am encouraged by my friends, encouraged for my friends, and happy that they are moving maybe two minutes away, around the corner and down the street. it was really nice outside last night, cool or warm enough to wear flipflops and my shirt from parable ink without a long sleeve underneath.

when i got home i felt like a thinking lab. i asked myself, "what do you feel like doing now, cat?" and the answer: "fool around with my digicam." a little self portrait play. i cannot imagine what i would do if i had other people living around me, i'd go crazy taking tons of whacky fotos.

bside: lately things have been feeling right, or better. i have been working on my heart lately. thinking before i speak, trying to be slow in my reaction, smiling and waving more. kind of neat that my foto reflects a light and warm color around my mid section-heart area. i also wanted to say that i saw this really cool thing about yoga the other night on pbs. i think i may try it out sometime. in the past i've always thought it was weird and sexual or something. who knows? but i think my eyes were opened to seeing-feeling past insecurity. and honestly i have not been working on my s.m.o.k.i.n.g attic-tion. but walking everyday helps me think about quitting. i am still even steven at or between 145 to 147. plateau city is calling my name. i'm outta here.

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Your mom said...

Hi Baby,
You have a beautiful heart.
I especially love the way you so carefully choose gifts for people. The gifts you give me are so precious.
I love YOU,