week in color:green

i know that green is my all time second favorite color in the whole world behind blue or turq or teal. and then in order it would go blue. green.orange.grey.red.yellow.black.brown. that's more than the week of color has to offer, which is fine, just an all together a side.
speaking of green, with hesitant honesty i must say i haven't as of late, taken on any envirogreen task, duty, obligation or responsibility. it is with regret i say i don't recycle the plastic water bottles collected in my fridge, though i will will will begin refiling them at my local green grocery store instead of buying more plastic.

and i have been attempting to bag less when checking out customers at the rx. i mean, if you've got one box of tylenol, why put it in a bag? i am now proactivally asking every customer if they'd "really" like a bag or not. i think that's genius. and well um, i attempted to plant some flower seeds in my mom's back patch but with the lack of rain, they've never sprouted. i am not really so sure how much i am saving energy wise. i know one thing, i'm not exactly pro ethenol either. sure it's better for the environment, at least that's what "they" are saying but my understanding is that our farm lands are already on the brink of destruction or at the point of no return or recovery, so what's the point of growing more hormone injected, hybrid, disease resistant, draught resistant corn? doesn't it take it's toll on the soil?

i can talk about what my brother ethan is doing in his green building efforts. i can talk about wanting a green home or a green car but i don't see my thoughts as true efforts and therefore wouldn't call myself indeed a green. i am a little green when it comes to recycling paper for collage and recycling canvas for painting, but that's about that.

i guess i could start making my own gum with a $10 purchase @ gleegum.

or maybe an expensive purchase like this would help.

i especially like this post about this artist making really triple R things {recycle.reduce.reuse}!!!

maybe one day, after biking 12 miles a day, for a couple more months or years i'll sell my car and buy one of these.

tonight i'm hoping to get some tennis rackets, wimbledon was inspiring this year.


linda said...

I checked your blog today and saw your beautiful greens, and you inspired me to join in.

linda said...

Hey Cat, I checked your blog today and saw your beautiful greens, and you inspired me to join in. And what better day than green! I would have linked to but I'm not computer savvy enough to know how.